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Bid Consulting

Bid Writing and 7 Important Guidelines to Remember

Improve ux of website

How to turn your website into a marketing platform through better UX?

5 Ways to Position Proactive Proposals Before an RFP, Worxwide Consulting

5 Ways to Position Proactive Proposals Before an RFP

Digital Marketing

Top 5 Leading Practices in Digital Marketing to fuel pipeline faster

Proposal Evaluation

The Top 5 Practices in Proposal Writing

Top 5 Trends in Process Automation Leading to Digital Transformation, Worxwide Consulting

Top 5 Trends in Process Automation Leading to Digital Transformation

How To Use Plain English To Win More Business feature

How to Use Plain English in Proposal to Win More Business?

Video Proposal

How To Use Video Proposals for Grabbing the Evaluator’s Attention?

Design Thinking

How Design Theories Evolved from User-Centered Design to Design Thinking?

Account based marketing

How to build Relationship Beyond Revenues through Account-based Marketing?

Sales Transformation Consulting

How does B2B sales look like in 2030?

Cloud - A Growth Accelerator

Cloud – A Growth Accelerator in COVID-19

Agile Framework

Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): Collaborative ways of working

Healthcare Vs Pandemic

Healthcare vs. Pandemic: Where do we stand?

Sales Transformation

How to draft effective sales messages to stand-out?

Bigdata Consulting

How big data has emerged to help enterprises earn big !

Proposal Management

10 Reasons why your proposal may have got rejected!

Bid Management Consulting

Why Teleworking is the new norm for government contractors?

Proposal Management

Top 5 Trends in Proposal Management Industry!

Design Thinking Consultant

How Do Designers Think Visually?

Robotics Process Automation

How RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is accelerating human efforts?