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A US based insurance brokerage firm wanted to reinvent their digital strategy for their insurance platform

Case Study

the client

A mid-size insurance brokerage firm in the US.

The client is a digital insurance brokerage in the US ad their platform aims to be the one-stop solution for all the needs of an insurance agent. Right from the point when potential candidates show interest in becoming an agent or clearing the state exam to get licensed in a Line of Business to the point when they process their clients, their products are there to help him across different stages of execution.

the problem

The avg. age of insurance agents in the US is 58 years. What might bring millennials to the insurance industry and train them to make an agent ready and foster productivity.

The current industry set up is very rigid. Young Millennials do not have exposure to this industry and often do not get the right guidance, which leads to a lot many prospective agents dropping off from the industry as a whole and those who enter become captive agents.

Most agents are captive to one single organization and even though they plan on being independent. The option to become an independent broker is very tough, high costs are involved and multiple products define their everyday work

our solution

Discrete products and services are leading to disjointed experiences.

The average age of the current agent in the US is 58 years and the rigid structure of the insurance industry does not help newer agents to thrive, and the common noticeable facts are stated below

  1. Younger age group folks do not enter the insurance industry
  2. Most agents are captive to a single organization and agents resist moving independent.
  3. Independent agents use a third-party insurance rater to quote for their clients.
  4. Current Product setup has a lot of funnel drops

our approach

We followed Design Thinking process where the team created Ecosystem Maps, User Journey Maps, Moscow Matrices, A HMW analysis. Heuristic Studies, Primary and Secondary Research, Competitor analysis and the work done in each stage has been shown in the diagram below

Our Approach

our solution

Created a cohesive ecosystem for pre-licensing exam platform from training, onboarding and client management using design thinking and gamification.

  • The size of this project meant that there was a long timeline and had different touchpoints. We started off by understanding and talking to stakeholders, insurance agents, millennials, and listed down the opportunities and the gaps. From ecosystem maps, CJMs, heuristic analysis,  competitor product analysis, prototyping we showed how from a single product we could create an experience that helped all the users enter seamlessly in any part of their user journey and use the product. 

a look at our work

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screen 2
screen 3
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the outcome

We were able to achieve these outcomes after following our approach.

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Single Ecosystem

All products under the same ecosystem allowed the company to organically gain agents.

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The process from training, on-boarding to finally working has seen better user engagement that the previous iteration and lesser drop-offs.

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Quantitative Impact

The average age of learners coming through the training system to the quoting tool was reduced to 40 with a higher retention average than the previous iteration.

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