Our Studios, Worxwide Consulting

Innovation Studio

Our Innovation Studio focusses on engaging clients with UI/UX and Product Consultants to solve business problems interactively. We help clients co-ideate their new products starting from market research, conducting feasibility studies, developing product feature lists, creating wireframes, testing the prototype, launching, and marketing the product in the most competitive manner. The studio helps our clients in rapidly developing new products by focusing on the areas of research, development, and marketing, thus ensuring increased revenue for our clients. We serve the actual needs of our customers by gathering deep customer knowledge beyond the typical probe about customer requirements. We have developed specific tools to improve the effectiveness of our innovation studio to help our clients by providing extensive market research, competitive analysis, product placement, and marketing strategies.

Bid Studios

Our Bid Studio is a team of proposal experts that have a variety of skills to convert your content into a compelling proposal from the cradle to the grave. Our bid studio team comprises of a bid coach, a bid manager, bid writers, creative consultants, and solution architects who work together and act as an extension of your team to develop strong winning proposals that speak to your customer and hit the mark.

A dedicated seasoned team with varied skills will be allocated to your proposals who will take care of everything from writing to submission.

Tools and Enablers:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Regular Status Calls
  • SharePoint Document Collaboration
  • Multiple Review Cycle Mechanism

Our Bid Architecture

Our 3C3Ps framework ensures to capture all aspects of developing a compelling proposal, so it is not only compliant and visually appealing but is customized in a manner that persuades your customer effectively, giving you a competitive edge over other bids. This unified approach combines Compliance, Value Proposition, Key messaging, Visual Presentation, Persuasiveness, and Proven Credentials to ensure you have a winning proposal. We align the right set of resources for assimilating the information required and enhance the content to convey the value proposition using presentable and professional business language.