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Are you equipped with the starter toolkit that you always need to kick-off your next winning proposal?

Our proposal or bid templates comprises of a vast set of templates that have been designed so they can be easily customized based on the type of industry, sector, technology, service, or proposal requirement. Within our store, you can get access to a vast database of proposal templates (in theme document, compliance matrix, Bid Checklist, Bid Plan, Bid Schedule, etc.), concept graphics, sector-based images, PowerPoint templates, and many more that can help you empower your bid and enhance your sales collateral.

Post-Award Debrief

Purpose: Whether you win a bid or lose it, there are always lessons to be learned from any proposal. According to Gartner, doing a post-award Win/Loss analysis can raise your Win rate by as much as 50%. After every proposal, win or lose, we must gather lessons learned from two realities: our customer’s reality and our team’s reality. From the in-house debrief we can learn who in our organization are effective proposal contributors; how efficiently we operated; and the strengths and weaknesses of our proposal process.

Value: It increases your win rate going forward as you take lessons from your experience. The Debrief template helps you capture your loss reasons including general and specific questions that you need to ask and how the answers can help determine your next steps.

Status Report

Purpose: Our Status report template allows you to define a standard way for your team to file regular status updates about their particular area of the Bid response.

Value: There are innumerable threads running through a Bid Process. Getting regular status reports allows the Bid Manager to keep accurate track of the status of each thread and identify problem areas early on.

Clarifications Questionnaire

Purpose: Tenders are usually complex documents. Sometimes, to come up with the right solution, you need either more information than what is provided in it or need to clarify the existing information. Our Clarifications Questionnaire provides you with a way to effectively capture your queries by sections in the RFP so the right audience in the customer organization can see and answer them.

Value: Clarifications Questionnaire helps you get relevant responses by ensuring that your questions are well structured, professional, and are clearly mapped to a specific section in the RFP.

References Template

Purpose: Most customers ask for References of previous work to be included as part of a proposal response, in order to gauge your past performance in fulfilling requirements similar to their needs. Our Reference template allows you to choose the right information to be shared in these references and presents it in a standardized and professional manner.

Value: Using a standard References template helps you:

  • put your past achievements in the right context for the current bid
  • allows you to connect your prospective customers with the right people in your past customers’ organization.

Competitors Matrix

Purpose: When you enter the Bidding arena, it’s as important to know your competition as it is to know your target customer.

Our Competitors Matrix allows you to:

  • identify your competition,
  • map their areas of strength and weakness and determine how they compare with yours.
  • Allows you to understand the areas that you need to improve and value adds that you need to highlight in order to come ahead in the final tender evaluations.

Value: Knowing your competition well means that you can create a strategy to effectively combat them. It gives insight into how you can make your proposal shine out among the rest.

Customer Relationship Plan

Purpose: Customer relationship is a key aspect of any Sales/Bid process. Our Customer Relationship Plan provides you with

  • Various criteria that you can use to determine the strength of your customer relationship
  • Identifies the target audience you need to engage with
  • Helps determine the points of contact the RFP process will provide you to improve and build upon that relationship
  • Helps you identify the areas that need to be improved

Allows you to map out specific steps you need to take to utilize this relationship to better ensure that you win the current RFP.

Value: Customer Relationship Plan assesses the current level of your relationship with the customer and the role this relationship can play in your bidding process. It helps you identify the different points of contact with the customer, which you can leverage to better position yourself to win.

Bid File Index

RFP/RFI bundles can be huge with a large no. of files, some of whose purpose might not be clear at first look. This gives rise to the chance that some important information might end up being ignored leading to a non-compliant proposal, and hence, rejection.

Bid File Index is a tool to record the name and purpose of each file in the RFP. This allows you to track which document your team needs to access for what information and ensures that no section is ignored or missed out by mistake.

Action Item list

Purpose: An action item is a discrete task that must be accomplished, usually by an individual or a small team as part of your Bid Process. Our Action Item List is a template for storing these tasks in a standard manner for circulation among the team.

Value: Recording these tasks using our Action Item List Template ensures that all crucial details are included, such as task deadlines, the responsible person/team and any consequent action items that are expected to arise from the original one.

Bid/No Bid Log

Purpose: Using this tool you can keep track of Bid/no Bid decisions for all your proposals. It keeps a log of the opportunities you have not bid for and the reasons why. Any recurring reasons (e.g. lack of bid writing time) can then be evaluated and possibly resolved in due course (e.g. invest in an external bid writer).

Value: It helps you identify your areas of strength and weakness.

Project Pricing Template

Purpose: The Pricing sheet contains your pricing approach and calculations. The CBS forms an input for this sheet.

Value: Our Pricing template allows you to choose from multiple pricing approaches and can be calibrated to the needs of the RFP.

Bid Cost Breakdown

Purpose:  The Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) helps you estimate the cost breakdown of all the elements of your solution. By using this template, you can identify all the different cost elements and then estimate the no. of resources/ hours of work required to fulfill each element/requirement, record the per resource or per hour cost and use this to calculate the total cost of delivering the services required.

Value: Our template gives you the flexibility to record the cost elements at different levels of granularity, based on your RFP needs. The CBS forms the basis on which your pricing gets calculated.

Stakeholder Matrix

Purpose: One of the key elements of good Bid management is a good Bid Team and before you start responding to an RFP/RFI, it is important to get the right team in place.  Our stakeholder matrix helps you identify and structure this Bid team, define the roles and responsibilities, and assign people to said roles. This also clearly marks out the chain of command and helps the Bid manager in running a tight ship.

Value: A stakeholder matrix clearly defines the accountability and responsibility of each person in the bid which leaves no communication gap on tasks outlined and hence leads to effective and efficient project management.

Bid Audit Checklist

Purpose: Bid Audit Checklist is a comprehensive checklist of well-researched bid review parameters that will help you control the quality of the proposal. The comprehensive checklist includes formatting, language, compliance and other factors.

Value: A fresh pair of eyes with a comprehensive audit checklist ensures that you deliver a flawless and an eye-opener proposal every time.

Compliance Matrix Sheet

Purpose: Bid Compliance sheet stores all the compliance conditions in one place for you and your team. It acts as a checklist to track that your proposal consistently complies with these criteria.

Value: By providing an easy tracker for the compliance criteria, it ensures that nothing slips through the cracks in the hustle-bustle of a large proposal. It saves your bid from ever again landing in the reject pile for “non-compliance”.

Win Theme Capture Board

Purpose: Our Win Theme Capture Board provides a direction to define your value proposition in the context of RFP’s evaluation criteria’s. The template is structured around “Pain-Proposition-Proof” of the scope of work.

Value: Win Themes clearly highlight your key messages and help you stand out among competitors to win more proposals. Using the capture board template your team can easily and effectively capture the differentiators or accelerators.

Bid Plan Template

Purpose: A well-drafted Bid Management Plan acts as mission control for your proposal project and helps record and track its progress. It includes, among other things, Bid Project Summary, Customer Profile, Detailed Competitive Analysis, Proposal Strategies and Themes, Bid Team roles and responsibilities, Proposal Operation details, Proposal Schedule with key milestones & Deadlines.

Value: Our well-researched and time-tested template for a Bid Management Plan provides you with the right launch-pad to kick-start your Bid management project.

Bid Strategy Template

Purpose: Bid Strategy template sets the context, direction, and plan for your proposal. It is a helpful tool for Kick-off meetings with multiple stakeholders, to communicate your sweet-spot key messages, win themes, and a defined response plan including red team and gold team reviews.

Value: The Bid Strategy template ensures the winnability and effectiveness of your response plan. It allows more accountability to the proposal stakeholders while articulating a defined response direction.

Bid-No-Bid Scorecard

Purpose: Bidding for contracts is a costly and time-consuming affair. To ensure that you are targeting a right bid, Bid-No Bid Scorecard template will help you evaluate your capabilities/qualification, strategic willingness to pursue, relationships and winnability. It will also ensure that you do not accidentally filter out Bids which could bring you that Big Win.

Value: Bid-No Bid Scorecard allows you to find the right fit and focus on winnable bids, based upon your organization’s capabilities and strategic objectives.

For further help in analyzing bids and areas you need to improve on or capabilities you need to build to win, please contact us for our Bid Analysis services.

Tailored Bid Analysis

Purpose: Finding a relevant bid is time-consuming and its in-depth analysis could be worthless at times. Bid Analysis template helps you to analyze the key requirements and evaluation criteria in a summarized format that ensures that every stakeholder is on the same page while interpreting the requirements.

Value: Tailored Bid Analysis eliminates the need to scour websites for opportunities. It saves your hunting time and offers your summary of relevant and targeted opportunities in your inbox.

Branding Style Sheets

Purpose: Style Sheets helps you to get rid of formatting hassles and branding inconsistency.  Whenever you need to create a new proposal response, simply pick up the custom style-sheet template and most of your formatting problems are automatically taken care of. Style Sheet includes your brand defined custom colors, fonts, table structures, headlines and sub-headlines format and much more.

Value: Style Sheet ensures a consistent look and feel of your branding styles and saves 80% of the manual effort in formatting.

Plug and Play Proposal Template

Purpose: Each bid is unique and so it requires a different format and style of the response document. Our plug and play response templates can robotize your proposal response structure up to 30%.  The plug and play proposals contain your branding style sheets and boilerplate content and can be further automated through custom coding.

Value: Plug and Play template increases speed to market of your proposals and hence increases your ability to respond to surge RFP requirements.

Outlining or Storyboarding Template

Purpose: Before the writers start authoring your proposal, you need to have a detailed sectional outline of the response structure. The outline template helps you to identify and plan the required response content; mapped to the RFP requirements.

Value: Outlining template ensures that your proposal response has the length and breadth required and is 100% compliant to the RFP.

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