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Worried that your proposals look too generic?

Look no further… We are here to help you with end to end proposal support!

  • Bid search
  • Bid Strategy
  • Bid Management
  • Bid Writing
  • Bid Graphics

When your customers read your proposal, they will know that it was written only for them. Through customization, we increase your chance of winning by developing a strong win strategy, maximizing the evaluation score, consistent messaging, improving proposal reviews, and identifying and overcoming weak areas in the proposal, thus making it a more unified document.


Our capabilities including finding new opportunities from secondary research, creating company profiles, market landscaping, setting up win themes, creating bid plan, kick-off pack, proposal outline/storyboarding, technical writing, proposal management, info-graphics & visualization and executive reviews.

Whether you are actively targeting potential clients or responding to RFPs, by creating highly interactive – digitized proposals, we bring a more refreshing, unique look to your proposal using a variety of digital tools and methods thus, accelerating your sales pipeline in a more efficient manner. We develop creative digital themes to make your proposals more user-friendly and visually appealing.

  • Powerpoint Based Interactive Proposals
  • App/Web Based Customer Journey Walkthroughs
  • Video Proposals

Our digital capabilities can help you and your team gain an edge over your competition with stunningly beautiful proposals. Some of the examples of our digital proposals include, Explainer Video Proposals, Customer Journey Walkthrough, Virtual Reality (VR) based Proposals,and Web/App-Based Proposals.

BidsandBeyond can help you automate your proposal process and create truly remarkable proposals in no time. Not only they are visually appealing, auto-formatted, but they can be packaged very quickly while maintaining its quality. Through our automated processes, we can also help you have better control of your content and have it ready in a more structured manner for any time use.


  • Proposal Process Automation
  • Proposal Application Development
  • Knowledge Management

Through our automated proposal services, you can relieve your bid team from spending long hours on proposals. Simply plug and play, and your automated proposals become more intuitive, more impactful, and can be ready in minutes instead of hours. Our automated proposals are easy to use, more presentable professional with all the features needed.