Unlock new opportunities through strategy, content, and campaigns!


Uncertain market and intense competition make it hard for organizations to survive and thrive until they stay abreast of the market and keep pace with their competitors. Our Sales Spark program allows companies to take up a differentiated go to market approach through content, creativity, and personalized campaigns to develop a winning value proposition.

  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Campaign Design & Account based Strategy
  • Thoughts leadership Pitch Playbooks

Go to
Market Strategy

One strategy for all does not fit right. Strategy is certainly the foundation pillar of success; however, making the right strategy requires deep industry research, actionable insights, and articulating a compelling value proposition. BidsandBeyond, not just reboot your strategy, our team works with you closely to challenge you at every action as your client does – to test the ground and to make you ready to conquer.

Design & Account
based Strategy

Organizations often spend a lot of effort chasing the long tail of new clients, and focus gets faded on key accounts that generate maximum revenue. We can help you grow the head (key accounts) while controlling your spend on the tail (low priority accounts) through personalized account-based marketing campaigns. These campaigns target your key clients basis deep research, personalized content that matters to them, and engage them through one-one conversations to drive revenue.

leadership &
Pitch Playbooks

Staying relevant with your target market is always a question to ponder; hence it is imperative to demonstrate your subject matter expertise to the stakeholders to gain their confidence in your offerings. BidsandBeyond works as your extended team to curate and publish tailored content in the form of Point of Views, Technical Whitepapers, and other Thought Leadership to attract your prospects.

Empower your sales team with more time on ground!

Cost control, enabling efficiencies, and deepening market outreach in the sales function has been the key talking points among sales and marketing leaders. While your sales leaders and representatives focus on building relationships on the ground, BidsandBeyond can digitize your entire sales journey to cut short the sales lifecycle and accelerate growth.


We can help you improve your sales and marketing function’s efficiency using the industry-latest digital transformation products of Adobe (Adobe Experience Cloud) across three phases – Customer Discovery, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Experience.

  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Experience

Customer Discovery

Reach out to a wider audience smartly and attract more prospects automatically through digital channels and automation, including lead scoring, social ads optimization, sales insights, user personas and behavior, and personalized content to attract prospects.

Customer Acquisition

Acquire more customers in lesser time through automation of sales process, including autoresponders to sales queries, auto proposal submission to contract execution, digital enrollment (smart forms), and account-based marketing campaigns.

Customer Experience

Improve customer experience during sales and post-sales through setting up a query knowledge base, AI based customer interactions and sharing of relevant thought leadership content etc.

Below is the product suite and applications of Adobe Experience Manager:

Market to Engage

Lead nurturing and management, account-based marketing, cross-channel engagement, integrated sales applications, marketing measurement and attribution.


Web analytics, marketing and cross-channel analytics, attribution and predictive analytics​.


Audience profiles

Data management platform, audience segmentation, audience insights, real-time action.

Content management

Content management system, digital asset management, digital enrolment and forms, managed services​.



Demand-side platform, search marketing management,  TV advertising, creative management​​.


A/B and multivariate testing, omnichannel personalisation, AI-powered automation and scale​​​.



Omnichannel experiences, unified commerce, commerce intelligence, operational confidence​​​​.

Explore all products and benefits of Adobe Experience Manager

  • Product co Ideation
  • Sell and Scale
  • Productivity by Design

Fueling fresh ideas to accelerate growth!


Innovation for growth has become a trending boardroom conversation; however, incubating innovation culture requires commitment, change mindset, and dedicated efforts. With you stuck in operations and existing capabilities, BidsandBeyond can be your extended team to bring fresh perspectives and turn your creative ideas into revenue.


Product Co-Ideation


For few, it is business as usual, and for few, they want to go an extra mile and innovate to fuel growth. Our product co-ideation program focuses on enabling ideating new products or offerings with your team and help you define and design the product end to end. We engage our Business Analysts and Creative Analysts with your team and co-ideate products or offerings through secondary research, Design Thinking, and MVP Sessions.

  • Ideate
  • Conceptualize
  • Prototype



We engage our business analysts and creative analysts to set up a probing session with the client, leveraging design thinking principles to narrow down the user personas, outcomes, and principal solution.



Define the user journey and create multiple use cases basis different stakeholders – how each user will use the product.



Develop a set of assets intended to communicate the style, voice, direction of the product and brand.


Value Proposition

Identify key differentiators of the product and articulate its value proposition for different markets.


Design live wireframes as user journey and workflow for the product.

Sell and Scale

Sell and Scale program focus on enabling faster selling of your new products and scaling its subscriber base through various marketing tactics.


Few of the activities in which we help are:

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • User Experience Surveys

Experiential Marketing

Demonstrate product features and value proposition through Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), live sessions and Video Demos

Marketing Collaterals

Develop product fact sheets, pitch presentations, thought leadership

Account-Based Marketing 

Identify key prospects and ran personalized and targeted campaigns to promote the product

User Experience Surveys 

Create user surveys on product experiences based upon Usability, and UI

Productivity by Design


Alone, you can run faster; together, you can go longer.


Organizations’ productivity is driven by people, processes, and technology; however, are your people motivated enough, empowered enough, or talented enough to help you grow?


Productivity by design program focusses on remodeling the organization’s culture and work models to encourage and empower people to share innovative ideas from pin to a plane that can help improve the organizations’ productivity. Ideas that influence process improvement, product innovation, operational excellence or workforce satisfaction.


Few of the activities in which we help include:


  • Internal Communication and Campaigns
  • Setting up Ideathons
  • Gamification based Contests
  • Upskilling Programs
  • Idea Reward Programs
  • People Surveys
  • Central Idea Repository