Understanding the Impact of Good UX Design on Business Success

Design plays a more significant role than most people think – it can make or break a business in most cases. A leading bank in the U.S. lost $500M just because of bad UI/UX! You sure don’t want to be them! Let’s look at the case in detail.

The system of the bank functioned in a way that before implementation, 3 employees had to review every financial transaction. Despite the exhaustive manual approval, the crudely designed software once accidentally credited $900M to one of the clients instead of $7.8M.  

Overall, the interaction design defect led to this “human error” as the software didn’t comply with the human command given by 3 employees on one specific transaction and implemented something else. Bypassing such mistakes is one of the several ways appropriate UX design agencies drive business growth.

Why Good UX Design Means Better Business?

Smart companies and startups have begun to realize that building products that users love is among the top priorities to ensure prosperity and maximized sales. The success rate turns 64%, provided user apprehension is inferred.

An intelligently designed application will succeed in impressing prospects. But what is the proof that functional design help achieve business success? Let us look at some of the key stats presented by Adobe:

9 Ways to Build a Well-designed Interface

There are nine ways to build a well-designed interface to help meet users’ needs, provide a positive experience and make them happy:

The Essential Non-negotiable Elements in UX Design

An effective and meaningful UX design wrangles complexity, swirls a tide of ambiguity, and encompasses humanistic and aesthetic quality. Doing so extends beyond the user-centered development tactics being implemented, as it is the art of strategic guidance. Implementing these tactics is about playing three intertwined roles: an interpreter, a therapist, and a philosopher.

The latent quality includes a kind of extension of therapy, daring to enquire about complex questions that muddle folks, which is the essence of the work carried out by a top design agency:

  • Why are we doing this?  
  • What is the benefit and the outcome?  
  • What trade-offs or priorities do we support (and not support)? 

These are fundamental questions of purpose, detached from any specific technology or market metrics, instead of being rooted in a humanistic sense of principles and values. Such deep analysis is often neither allotted nor prioritized due to the high-velocity grind of shipping features.

The Basics: What Makes a Good UX?

UX is an amalgamation of an individual’s overall perception and response resulting from the use or anticipated use of a product or a service, eventually resolving the user’s issue via value add-on. Peter Morville has coined the 7 factors highlighted in the visual below, and these combined formulate a Good UX.

The overall anticipation of UX has altered as consumer and business users are becoming well-informed with technology, because of which expectations for UX have transformed. Below are 8 ways through which UX designers can provide friction-free positive experience, whether a website, mobile application or even an AR experience is considered:

It is crucial to recognize that UX quality directly affects business results. When UX quality is higher:

  • Employees try harder and feel invested in their jobs
  • They are easier to hire and train quickly
  • Better UX tends to increase market share
  • Digital transformations are more successful because employees adopt required tools and processes
  • Organizations avoid tragic and costly mistakes, and they do better at regulatory compliance.

How to Update Your Business Processes With Good UX?

One way to do so is by integrating pattern libraries (a collection of previously tested user interfaces that solve common design problems). Organizations that rely on pattern libraries, as opposed to reinventing the wheel each time, see a 50% increase in product development efficiency. You can develop your own pattern library or use public libraries like UI Patterns. User acceptance is critical to any product, project, or service.

How Can Worxwide Help You and Your Business?

In this article, we talked about how design plays such an important role in determining your business’s success, what goes into making a good UX design, and what awaits you if your design isn’t up to the mark. The pivotal intent here is to make you aware, realize, and act so that your company does not experience what the leading U.S.-based bank mentioned above had to go through. To avoid such a fate, get in touch with UI/UX experts and ensure that your design has what it takes to drive your business to all new heights. Worxwide Consulting is a leading UI/UX design company that can help you solve all your design-related problems.

Worxwide Consulting is a digital growth consulting firm that helps companies drive digital growth by improving user and customer experience. We help companies with end-to-end product design or UI/UX design services that include research, strategy, design, and test product designs and prototypes.  Worxwide is based out of the US, UK, and India offering bid consulting, sales transformation, user experience, and customer experience design services.  

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