Worxwide has expertise across the FinTech industry that we leverage to drive growth for several of our FinTech clients through UX, CX, sales automation and sales enablement. We have worked with enterprise FinTech players shaping their user journey and designing delightful user experiences.  

Fintech adoption has grown multi-fold in the past few years. Data security, regulatory compliances, ease of use, intuitive interface, customer satisfaction and experience are the key factors in driving fintech adoption and reducing churn.  

We help across the fintech user journey with our capabilities across sales and marketing automation and user/customer experience design. From sales process automation to behavioral economics design, we encourage users to make payments online and increase traffic and user conversions.  

The FinTech industries segments we work and specialize in: 

  • Digital Banking   
  • Open Banking (Developer portals) 
  • Digital wallets  
  • Insure-tech providers 
  • Payment services  
  • Investment services 

Our end-to-end services are based on understanding the user journey and customizing the entire process keeping the FinTech user in mind.  

We can help you with your marketing automation by using tools like HubSpot and Salesforce. Our marketing automation tool experts can significantly enhance your sales and marketing automation drive to generate more leads.  

Once the user starts using your app/website, our user-centered design makes the user experience simpler and more convenient. Our UX researchers conduct market research and use various design principles and overall expertise to design a memorable FinTech user experience. From online banking services to stock trading platforms and digital wallets to cryptocurrency exchanges, our design solutions help simplify the digital financial landscape.  

In FinTech – setting up merchants’ portal in B2B space is a time-consuming task and is a huge operational cost to the FinTech players. We have designed user journeys to make this process extremely intuitive and tailored to the user personas that reduces 20-25% of operational dependency for the end users.  

Further, Error Rate in Fintech is a huge risk as well as a compliance issue. With bad UX design, users end up doing the tasks wrongly, and it often leads to confusion and error in payments.  

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