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Growth Consulting Services

Improve bid win rate
Worxwide bid team helps customers put together compelling bids with tailored content, a value proposition and visualization. We have assisted customers win 30% more bids in the last few years.
Increase capacity to bid more
We operate as an extended and dedicated bid team of our clients, increasing capacity with no conflict of interest in data and knowledge sharing. Additionally, we create reusable components for clients enabling faster time to market for proposals and further increasing capacity.  
Shorten sales lifecycle
Leveraging deep expertise in Salesforce sales cloud and marketing cloud to automate the entire sales and marketing journey. We assist in nurturing prospects and automate client follow-ups thereby reducing the length of the sales cycle
Save time on sales operations
With email automation, easy funnel management in CRM, lead scoring, and the setup of automated deal flow approval processes, it saves time for sales and marketing team on operations
Fuel pipeline faster
With marketing automation, we widen market outreach to new prospects though email automation, social selling, and paid advertising channels – all integrated and automated in one place.
Improve Sales Messaging
With compelling content like pitch packs, value proposition and thought leadership, we put you across customers with a differentiated GTM messaging.

We support across the customer lifecycle of sales and marketing

Customer Discovery

how we can help fuel your funnel through sales & marketing automation, GTM refresh and digital marketing

Customer Acquisition

how we can reduce sales cycle through automation and custom value proposition

Customer Experience

how we can drive customer engagement, loyalty and retention for each customer persona
How we helped a mid-size IT business in the US win $2b+ valued bids in 2 years
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Sales Transformation

Staying relevant to the market and cutting competition has always been a key challenge for organizations. It is a common CXO puzzle – while Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) have pressure boosting their revenue, COOs wish to optimize their operational cost and CMOs always look to increase their market outreach. Worxwide helps transform the entire sales journey and automate it thereby freeing up time for sales reps to focus on the key relationships and can help innovate to fuel growth. WorxWide Consulting stands out among growth consulting firms, providing actionable strategies to fuel your business expansion and success.

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How to standout and win government bids

How can small business wins more bids
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Bids are crucial to win for any business and reflect your organization's capabilities. However, managing high volume, strategic deals in-house is a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive process. You may have a great technical solution; however, it is imperative to have the right people to understand and articulate it in a way that your target audience can fully comprehend. 

Partnering with a bid consulting firm will help you bring fresh perspectives, subject matter expertise, and an end-to-end proposal support – allowing you to sit back and relax while we manage all your bid hassles. 
How we accelerated market outreach for a leading US-based health-tech firm by automating their sales & marketing
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Digital Sales Transformation with the help of world’s leading platforms.  

Worxwide is a Salesforce Partner to provide Salesforce consulting services and help implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud for sales and marketing automation.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a comprehensive CRM platform enabling businesses to manage their sales processes, customer relationships, and sales teams efficiently. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing automation platform that enables businesses to create, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns across various channels.

Leverage the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Worxwide Consulting, driving personalized and targeted marketing campaigns to engage your audience effectively. We stand tall among the top Salesforce companies across London, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Gurugram.

Funnel Management

Track potential deals through various stages of the sales pipeline, allowing for better forecasting and revenue prediction.

Workflow Automation

Automate routine tasks, such as follow-up emails, lead assignment, and reminders, to free up sales representatives' time for more strategic activities.

Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Analyze lead behaviors including opens, clicks, engagement time and prioritize leads accordingly.

Email Marketing

Create and send personalized email campaigns, track email performance, and automate follow-up sequences.

Journey Builder

Design customer journeys with automated touchpoints based on behavior, preferences, and interactions.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization

Divide your audience into segments based on demographics, behaviour, or other criteria, and tailor marketing messages accordingly.

White Paper

Digital Sales Transformation using Salesforce

How enterprises can put the entire sales and marketing process in auto mode.
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Our clients’ words are a testament to our UX & CX services.

Worxwide team has shown exemplary skills of UX & professionalism. They have helped us re-design a B2B GRC platform which was not intuitive enough. The team has really good UX experts who have helped us in navigating through our product journey.

Digital Director - B2B Products

The team lead by Vivek is a great value add to us. Design thinking knowledge of team and Vivek’s leadership skills are invaluable in building our rural fintech ecosystem. Thank you for all your extra efforts over the nights and weekends you spent.

CTO - Leader in Fintech
Our Growth Consulting Services are digitally driven and customer-centric. 

Our Work

Immersive video and interactive proposal format helped stand-out in sales messages
Increased 20% turnaround time of RFP responses with re-usable components & knowledge management
25% increase in bid wins and 40% bid cost saving as an extended bid team
35% increase in win rate of bids with tailored proposal writing support
12% increase in qualified leads and significant reduction in acquisition time
40% saving in manual tasks and sales operations via end to end sales automation and workflows
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