Digital transformation in healthcare, specifically HealthTech, is ever-evolving to address the growing needs of remote health, market uncertainties, pandemic-like situations, and modernizing traditional healthcare with more data-driven and intelligent systems to predict, care and recover. 

Worxwide has a lot of experience in the health-tech industry to digitally transform patient needs, organization needs, and employee needs. We help organizations design an integrated approach to sales, marketing, and patient experience.  

We can automate the entire patient reach-out and patient management journey through our sales and marketing automation services. We further help design user experience through design thinking principles leveraging our UX/CX practice. From empathizing with users with deep primary research to designing digital experience (UI/UX), to automating the sales and marketing process —we do it all with a holistic approach.   

The HealthTech industry segments we cater to in digital design, customer experience, and sales and marketing: 

  • Tele-medicine or e-consultation  
  • Clinic or Doctor Aggregator platforms 
  • e-Pharmacy  
  • Digital Therapeutics (Fitness and Wellness)  
  • Electronic Health Records 
  • Data Analytics  

The healthcare industry is driven by heavy regulatory and legal compliances, such as security compliance, HIPAA compliance, customer demands, and data privacy (e.g., GDPR), which makes the industry dynamics more complex. 

Having worked with various HealthTech clients, we understand the pain points faced by the healthcare industry, like better connectivity and reduced working hours for healthcare professionals. Our experience has allowed us to break down specific strategies and solutions that have worked for clients in this industry.  

From getting more users to your business to smoothly onboarding them, we take care of the entire user journey.   

Our design solutions seamlessly connect the entire healthcare ecosystem, right from e-patient records to smart wearables and telemedicine; and from pharmaceutical services to e-patient services.  

  • UX in Healthcare
  • CX in Healthcare
  • Sales Automation in Healthcare
  • Winning Bids in Healthcare 
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