With all the relevant details, a well-prepared and well-customized proposal can woo a client and help the company attain the project.

A proposal is the first step in attracting the attention of a client. Therefore, a proposal often serves as a marketing tool. The company must utilize the opportunity to articulate its services in the most attractive way to its clients. Video proposal is one such way! Videos are often used for marketing, advertisement, promotion, presentations, etc., purposes.

I am here to narrate a powerful story of one of our (Worxwide Consulting) clients, how they used customized video proposal to set themselves apart from the rest and actually secured a million-dollar deal!

In this digital age, leveraging proposal consulting services can also greatly enhance the effectiveness and impact of your proposals, ensuring they resonate with clients and stand out in competitive environments.

Let’s start with the prerequisites and steps involved in drafting a video proposal!

1.  Who is the client?

The protagonist of this story is a mid-sized B2B IT firm into healthcare, providing its services and products to the government and enterprises. Despite having a dedicated presales team, they lacked skills for video production.

2. The Problem

A competitive RFP is being responded to by a multinational firm in the US. The company wanted to make their 100-pager proposal attractive and could hold the evaluator’s attention. At the same time, to make it more assessable in terms of readability and presentation.

3. Value Proposition

Effective articulation and communication of the value proposition is the soul of a video proposal. Here, senior executives wanted to make the key sales messages stand out in a unique way. Also, the apprehension of losing the key differentiator in the long proposal led them to rather opt for a video proposal in addition to a detailed pdf.

4. Process of Video Proposal

a.  Script Writing   

Preparing a script for the video is the fundamental stage in video production. For putting down a proposal, you must have effective communication with the business executives to understand the key solution and sales message.

The team engaged its business analysts and tech writers to construct a concise story to best articulate the proposal summary.

b. Storyboarding

In this stage, design team prepares storyboard and the proposal is divided into various sections. These sections help the evaluator navigate through different information like scope, pricing, project schedule etc. The firm was provided a time-based menu button for easy navigation across different sections in the video proposal.

c. Video Production

The senior executives did a thorough review and approved the content, after which the explainer video was released to articulate the proposal in a human way to the evaluators.

5. The Outcomes: Video Proposal

The hero of our story, IT firm dealing in Healthcare achieved the following outcomes after following the above-mentioned steps.

a. Engaging Visualization

Interactive proposal wowed the evaluator with its presentation and content structure.

b. Effective Communication

The evaluators were able to grab key messages in less than 5 minutes.

c. Humanised Solution

Solution conversed, reading would have made it more cumbersome and tiring.


Video proposals require logic, creativity, and consideration, making both persuasive in tone and clear in articulation while communicating key messages. Also, you must ensure that the proposal MUST sound professional! For example, in the above story, the IT firm had the budget to outsource a professional consulting service for the job who had a professional marketing writer to conduct a thorough interview with the executives, a dedicated design team for storyboarding, and video editors that professionally executed the video as per their requirements. And that was invaluable!

In situations where companies lack the internal resources or expertise to create such high-quality proposals, utilizing proposal writing services can be a game-changer. These services can provide professional writers who understand the nuances of proposal writing and can craft compelling narratives that resonate with clients and help secure deals.

Worxwide Consulting (formerly known as BidsandBeyond) offers RFP consulting services to help IT companies find, write, manage, and win more bids. Contact our bid experts for a higher win probability, time-efficient, and cost-effective services with specialized IT sales enablement services. Worxwide is based out of the US, UK, and India, offering bid consulting, sales transformation, user experience, and customer experience design services.

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