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New Thinking

We will bring to you some insightful perspectives that give you access to effective information on proposal trends and best practices. These blogs target the prevailing proposal needs, preferences and pain points companies face in developing inspiring proposals.

Proposal Management

Top 5 Trends in Proposal Management Industry!

Digital, Cloud, and Agile are not the buzzwords only in the IT industry but are also getting traction in the Proposals Industry. Industry experts have already forecasted a wide range of disruptive proposal consulting and management trends for 2018 and beyond that are sure to bring a significant shift in the industry across the globe....

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Design Thinking Consultant

How Do Designers Think Visually?

Once the problem is framed, designers think of creative ways to tackle the problem. They must spur as many ideas as possible. Design thinkers put enough stress that we must not ignore ideas that seem obvious or easy during this phase. Any idea can lead to a brilliant concept. So, they must make sure to look into each and every idea with a fresh mindset. To finalize this stage, shortlist the best and leave the rest....

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Robotics Process Automation

How RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is accelerating human efforts?

RPA technology mimics the way human interacts with tech to execute high volume repeat table mechanical tasks. RPA creates bots (software programs) to complete task orders as required. Robotic Process Automation mimics human actions, whereas AI mimics human thought. It handles mainly physical tasks that require little to no cognitive abilities, as it simply codifies...

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