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    Future of Design We are all familiar with instances of bad product and service design—like the USB plug that seems to fit only on the third attempt, how banks handle identity fraud, the stressful experience of catching connecting flights at various airports. Conversely, we also recognize iconic designs such as the Swiss Army Knife, the straightforward Google home page, and the immersive Disneyland visitor experience. These examples underscore the pivotal role that robust design plays in both revolutionary and enduring commercial success across physical, service, and digital domains.

    In navigating the complexities of our rapidly evolving world, understanding the future has become a challenging yet indispensable task. This whitepaper serves as a guide to shed light on key Megatrends that are poised to shape the future of digital design. It encourages a perceptual shift, urging readers to recognize that the future is already unfolding around them.

    So, how can companies consistently deliver exceptional designs with each new launch, and what value does design bring? We have identified a few mega-trends that will shape future of design in this whitepaper for your read.

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