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    We all know that UX (User Experience) serves several purposes, but we neglect the fact that one of its major purposes is to create/generate demand.

    A UX is of paramount importance in any application/website. It is usually the first thing that users are drawn towards, not the products and services. To make a user like your products or services, it is important to first make them like your application or website. UX plays a pivotal role in achieving this. No user wants to use an application/website that is aesthetically distasteful and complex to use. An effective UX design offers a real and provable value. Although it most certainly would take a considerable amount of time and money to get the best UX design possible for your product, it would surely be worth every penny when you build a loyal audience of brand advocates on the back of this UX design.

    Having talked about why investing in UX is so worth it, it is important to look at other purposes that a good UX design fulfills.

    This paper is intended to help the reader understand how a good UX design helps your business immensely in generating demand or in other words, how an effective design leads to demand generation.

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