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    Introduction: What is Digital Banking? How is it the future of banking?

    With everything becoming tech-enabled, allowing users to access everyday banking functions online, it would not be wrong to say that digital banking isn’t just the future; rather, it’s already here, it’s now.  

    Now you may ask, ‘what exactly is digital banking?’ Well, worry not; not only will we find what digital banking means, we will also look at what it means for you and your finances.   

    The term Digital Banking is used in several ways online and elsewhere, but essentially it is a combination of online and mobile banking services: 

    • In  Online Banking, you can access several banking features and services by logging onto your bank’s website using your computer – be it for checking your account balance or for paying your bills. This online banking portal also allows you to access other additional banking features like applying for a credit card or a loan.   
    • On the other hand, in  Mobile Banking, you can access many of these banking features as online banking right from your mobile devices. Mostly, you can log in to these apps using the same credentials as your online banking portal. Issued by your bank itself, these apps are proprietary and are designed for people on the go. These mobile banking apps include the most used banking features, such as mobile check deposits, funds transfers, and bill payments.  

    How Digital Banking is Evolving with User Experience (UX)

    The global pandemic has made it abundantly clear that in-person services can’t be taken for granted, banking services being no exception. Digital Banking, a combination of online and mobile banking, allows people many more ways than ever to easily access banking functions to keep their finances in order. Thus, Digital Banking is undoubtedly the way forward for all your banking needs. Let us look at how UI/UX plays a key role in Digital banking and how it is evolving with the evolution in UX.

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