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    Has it ever happened that you are shopping online, and because of the bad design of an app or a website or difficult to understand features, you left things in the cart and abandoned it? Or you just couldn’t locate the checkout button and decided to leave it there itself. Well, you aren’t the only one.

    This is a perfect example of bad UI leading to a bad UX, thus, causing order abandonment. As a matter of fact, US online shoppers have abandoned orders worth $260 billion
    due to unsatisfactory checkout flow and design, roughly 27% of the online shoppers.

    The difference between category winners and losers is a good User Experience (UX). This is the reason why world-class companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, and others invest heavily in their UX teams. They know UX is the secret weapon for growth. While they are exceptional examples, most companies today do not invest enough in UX. As a result, we have found a trillion-dollar UX problem in the making.

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