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    Am I productive enough? Is he productive enough?

    We often hear about employees’ or individual’s productivity; however, an organization’s productivity is a lesser-used term since most of us focus on an individual’s productivity. An organization’s productivity is a collective effort by a group of people supported by processes and technology, which helps the organization achieve its goals efficiently and effectively. As a fact,
    people are the key assets who drive the organization’s productivity; however, CXOs need to evaluate if their people are motivated enough, empowered enough, or talented enough to help them grow.

    “Alone, you go faster; together, you go farther.”

    As necessary, it is to be productive; there are many challenges faced by an organization:

    • Less focus on internal productivity and more focus on client deliverables
    • A mismatch of alignment between organization goals and employee roles
    • Too much time spent on recurring tasks
    • Undefined or vaguely outlined business processes
    • Unidentified skill gaps among employees

    Productivity by design is a concept to re-imagine the organization’s key pillars people, process, technology, and knowledge. Fostering innovation culture, automating recurring processes, enabling knowledge culture, and bridging the talent gap will amplify organization’s productivity – by design.

    Let us look at the critical stages that enable the overall organization productivity:

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