Are you stuck with large and complex proposals?

    Win 30% more bids with our bid experts as extended team

    How can you win more bids with Worxwide?

    1. End to End Bid Support – We act as your extended team and provide end to end support including win strategy, proposal writing, proposal management, proposal graphics.
    2. Save Bid Cost by 25% – Winning bids is time consuming and incurs heavy cost. Our global delivery teams in the US and India balance out a very competitive pricing model to save your yearly bid cost.
    3. Win ratio increase by 30% – We have responded to more than 500+ large and complex public RFPs with a seasoned team of proposal experts, industry experts, technical SMEs to make you win more.
    Our Global Presence
    tx, USA
    London, UK
    Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai