Manufacturing industry players seek to boost production, improve quality, and reduce equipment downtime. Digital Transformation across products and sales functions helps achieve such objectives.  

Worxwide helps industry players design digital products with delightful user experiences that fit into the objectives of usability and efficiencies and significantly reduce operational costs. On the other hand, we help B2B players increase market outreach and sales productivity by automating the entire sales and marketing journey and implementing world-leading sales tools. 

 The Manufacturing industry segments we shape in UI design, the user experience of products, customer experience across functions, and sales & marketing automation: 

  • Smart Factories  
  • Digital Twins  
  • Buyer-Seller Portals 
  • Safety & Procurement Management  
  • Employee Experience  


When it comes to the manufacturing industry, there are some major pain points that the users face, and it is up to the service providers to ensure how well they can solve these problems. Moreover, the key to solving these issues is how efficiently and timely you provide these solutions to the users.  

Supply chain management, inventory management, project management, decreased need for training, documentation, and support; reduced errors and work-related injuries are some of the key factors we keep in mind while curating our end-to-end solutions for the manufacturing industry. 

Our UX researchers understand the user personas and design experiences that can improve the employee experience, safety experience, procurement experience, and more.

Our CX experts are well-versed with the industry’s ins and outs and know exactly what the user is looking for. Our user-centered strategies are all about providing the customer with a smooth and resistance-free experience and enhancing their overall user journey.  

  • UX in Manufacturing
  • CX in Manufacturing
  • Sales Automation in Manufacturing 
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