Are You Winning Enough Bids in Big Data?

When we hear the term ‘Big Data’- we hear- ‘Volume’ ‘Velocity’ and ‘Veracity’. Due to its three characteristics, it is more complex and demanding. It’s the next revenue reaping technology, not only for the big chunks but also for the small ones. As per a report by CSC, data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009. This will lead to more demand for big data analysis, which means huge business opportunities for technology companies.

As the demand grows, opportunity grows and the competition comes along. So, how to beat the competition and win more sales opportunities?

Develop a Niche – A few technology companies fail to develop a niche because they want to be‘Jack of all Trades’ but in reality, they lead to ‘Master of None’. Being a focused company with a niche in big data would set you apart from your competitors. This provides an edge by demonstrating your overall experience in one particular domain or technology.

Pitch Few &Shine – Don’t go for anyone or everyone, identify few and pick a handful. The more relevant prospect you choose, the more probability, you win. So, instead of responding to an RFP coming across is really not a good idea. It is advisable to perform a Bid/No Bid decision analysis to identify its best and strategic fit.

Demonstrate the Proof – For clients to see and believe, the more you show the more they believe. Demonstrating your capabilities is an art and skill. A strong pre-sales team can demonstrate the proof of concepts and your past performance to build more confidence.

Socialize its Returns – Gone are the days when intangible benefits could also convince customers. It’s time to show intangible benefits, to be more specific, the ROI, to the clients for their investments. This is another compelling way to build trust among customers.

Everyone is talking about Big Data, but a few are successfully able to build it. Those Successful companies aren’t the ones who have the most amount of data, but using big data analytics in the best manner is the key. 

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