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Translating Design Into Demand For an Insurance Leader via Design CoE


The Client

One of the largest insurance player under India’s top 3 bank as parent.
Legacy of 20 years old, 5 million plus policies and 2 trillion of assets under management with a net worth of 91b INR in 2022.



The sheer size of their business adds complexities to user’s ecosystem
with a need of continuous evolvement in its systems design.

The Problem

  1. Different functions address their design needs on their own with scattered digital assets leading to inconsistent visual communication and irregular user experience across brands and products.

  2. CMO’s mandate to foster design ROI; to translate design into demand across customer attraction, onboarding and retention experience.

Our Solution

1. Setup Design CoE (build-operate-manage) audited different platforms for UX, building digital asset library, created a central design system, and ideated solutions to improve UX.

2. Identified top revenue driven products, and revamped design strategy to attract new users and influencing experience of existing users.

Two-fold agenda - Design CoE that Creates Demand


Our Work

screen 1
ss 3

The Impact

Single source of truth – Design system and unified digital asset library 
Everyone across different functions can now use a central design components which are approved by the CoE; leading to consistent visual communication


Cost optimization and no burdens of talent hiring, training and retaining
With Worxwide setup of Design CoE, we had taken all burdens of design people for to them which saved a lot of cost in terms of hiring, retaining and attrition challenges which leads to knowledge loss with new members


More business from UX design and more retention
With gradual changes in websites, platforms across different use cases, it gradually reflects change in user experience and more lead generation 

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Translating Design Into Demand For an Insurance Leader via Design CoE, Worxwide Consulting

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