Financial services leaders are highly focused on enabling the frontline to engage clients and prospects effectively, at the same time tackling challenges.

Improving lead nurturing and reducing delays is one of the huge advantages for FinTech businesses using marketing automation. Qualifying leads, following them up, sending them relevant content, and notifying other teams when leads meet certain criteria or levels of readiness to buy, are all manual processes that can be automated. All these processes can be made much more efficient, strategic, and sophisticated, reducing human errors and delays in lead nurturing.

AI for Sales Enablement at Scale: Firms are investing in AI and machine learning platforms capable of listening and providing feedback on client and prospect conversations.

Easy to Track ROI – Sales automation allows us to easily track return on investment (ROI). From the first engagement with a potential lead, automation increases visibility and allows to you see lead sources, engagement activity, contact journeys, etc, and this helps you to calculate ROI.

Relevant Insight Matters: Delivering relevant advice to clients and being knowledgeable about the bank’s products are more important than ever for the frontline. In addition to coaching immersive and digital training in these areas, some organizations are investing in collaboration tools to enable the frontline to quickly get hold of a subject matter expert(SME) when the client’s needs are more specialized.

Considering Mobile Expectations: Financial sector has seen a spur of innovation when it comes to mobile technology. More and more users are buying online hence data becomes the new oil to dig deep.

Integrating CRM into business processes, the software starts to collect customer-related data. The insights help better your marketing campaigns, customer retention rate, product/service, and tasks related to sales.

New Banking Experience: When a customer does come into a branch to evaluate financial products and services, they expect more than a smiling, friendly face. They expect the trip to the bank to be as quick, painless, and effective as possible. Many banks are, as a result, thinking about in-person service in a new way – creating cool, café-type environments and eliminating paper-based transactions

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