With constant innovation, the world is going digital rapidly across technologies like artificial intelligence or generative AI, immersive experiences, cloud computing, digital twins and so on. 

The tech and telecom industry is constantly threatened by talent shortage, customer retention, and cutting-edge innovation and experiences that stands-out.   

Worxwide helps technology and telecom companies improve user experience (UX) for digital products, omni-channel customer experience (CX) across business functions and helps win large bids and automate the sales journey. 

  • SaaS Products Design 
  • UX Improvement 
  • Omni-Channel CX Strategy  

Product-led growth in tech or SaaS products is at the center-stage. How products’ user experience shapes usability, demand, and conversions is core to the business strategy.  

Telecom companies typically struggle with issues like customer churn rate, security with fast changing regulatory landscape, trust among users, cost-pressure of infrastructure and competitors, sustainability aligned to climate change and complexity in integrating multiple systems.  

We help telco players enhance the experience of their services through digital design, transformation, and sales growth levers like winning more RFPs and automating the sales process.  

  • Dealer Management  
  • Customer Management 
  • Billing  
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