Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

Businesses thrive on generating user engagement. A business must stay relevant and connected with its current user base while putting efforts to reach as many prospects as possible to generate leads.

Here, we’ll cover the top 5 leading practices that successful businesses have followed to fuel their online lead generation.

So, don’t stop yet! Learn why it’s time for you to adopt and make use of these digital marketing strategies, including digital marketing services, to maximize your online lead generation efforts!

1. Content Marketing : Content is the King, use Omnichannel Marketing

Content is the most important digital marketing tool to enhance user engagement and search engine optimization (SEO). For this reason, digital marketing practices lay a great emphasis on blogging, video creation, social media posting regularly and putting out content focusing on the targeting audience.

According to Company McKinsey & Company, “the 3 Cs of customer satisfaction” are “consistency, consistency, and consistency.”

Regular blogging without compromising the authenticity and relevancy of the content helps the website rank higher in search engines. Here, the target audience’s goals get to decide the information being put out on website, and with the rising presence of digital competitors, it is important to provide tailored experience for better user experience and reciprocity.

Businesses achieve this goal by writing blogs related to client questions that would add value to their target audience. Sometimes they also give out coupons and discounts as a prospect conversion strategy.

Incorporating effective digital marketing services can further amplify the impact of these content strategies by optimizing content distribution, targeting the right audience segments, and measuring campaign performance for continuous improvement.

A good blog delivers value to the reader that they could incorporate in their daily lives. The more content a user consumes from your website, higher are the chances that they will return and put their trust in your services/brand.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media definitely has a lot to offer but it is not taken seriously as an effective marketing tool and often is an afterthought for companies. But if you have realized it’s benefits and are about to integrate in your marketing strategy, let me drop another fact check integrating social media itself will put you ahead of 74% of your competitors.

Social media is part of the lifestyle of consumers’ lives and utilizing it as a tool ain’t really optional anymore.

YouTube, Google+, & LinkedIn drive most engaged traffic, Reddit & SU the least

3. Marketing Automation Tools

Automation tools simplify marketing efforts. It helps to keep up with whom to target and measure the efforts. With marketing automation tools, the team has more time to put efforts in other places to drive revenues.

Following are a few tools that can help save time and effort:

a) to automate timely emails

It enables sending targeted messages to a targeted audience. It allows businesses to draft messages based on the interaction with the prospect. It fetches data in real time that can trigger action once the rules are predefined. The cost structure is based on the size of the email list. is free for a small size of 200-400 monthly emails. But once the email list gets bigger at 5,000 – 10,000, it is $ 50 per month and so on.

b) HubSpot to generate leads, manage pipeline, and close deals on autopilot.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing tool that turns outbound leads into inbound ones. It is also one of the perfect content marketing tools. It provides salesforce integration, smart content, user roles, a/b testing for emails, and a/b testing for CTAs.

c) Bizible for marketing interactions across channels.

Major features of Bizile’s include keyword-level metrics for AdWords, campaigns, and ad content. In addition, it showcases UTM parameters, custom reports, detailed lead history, and integrations.

4. Retargeting

Remarketing or retargeting campaigns target the people who had already viewed business services when they visited the website. Only if there was a way to make them remember why they were interested in the first place. Not all first-time visitors will convert, but a proportion will. Retargeting helps you segregate.

Audience targeting as a marketing practice involves identifying prospects based on interest, demographic data such as location, gender, professional status, income status, and other factors to show them interest-specific content that aims at solving issues (via selling products or services.)

I’ve put down a few examples of successfully using Retargeting campaigns:

a. Retargeting specific URL visits

Here you need to be mindful in targeting the right person with the right offer at the right stage of their buyer’s journey. The best way to go forward is targeting users who have taken specific actions on your site.

For instance, to define a Target audience, one must think of commonly shared characteristics. For instance, you must focus on geography for local marketing campaigns that include people living in your area. The audience might change according to the campaign, even for a business that offers only one service.

b. Target specific web page visits based on a commonly viewed product

c. Refine that targeting by frequency

This will give the sense of that the product/page with higher-frequency visits simply needs a push.

5. Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is best B2B marketing strategy for lead generation. It simultaneously uses sales and marketing resources on a set of target accounts and dedicate all resources on personalised campaigns designed to resonate with targeted account. Read more

Conclusion: Key Learnings

The Digital world is constantly moving and shaking, you can’t help but stay competitive in this changing landscape. Build a business that stands the test of time and outpaces the constant evolving competition too.

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