Worxwide can help you automate your proposal process and create truly remarkable proposals in no time. Not only are they visually appealing, and auto-formatted, but they can be packaged very quickly while maintaining the quality. Through our automated processes, we can also help you have better control of your content and have it ready in a more structured manner for any time use.

We have a custom platform based upon Microsoft technologies that enables content automation and faster time to market for responses. Through our automated proposal services, you can relieve your bid team from spending long hours on proposals. Simply plug and play, and your automated proposals become more intuitive, more impactful, and can be ready in minutes instead of hours. Our automated proposals are easy to use, more presentable & professional with all the key features.

We not only automate your proposals but also automate your best practices and standards to generate your proposals in the quickest time, thus enabling your executives to focus on their core operations. We leverage tools and techniques like Response Library that can save 40% of your time by suggesting reusable content.

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