Worried that your proposals look too generic? Look no further… we are here to help you with end-to-end proposal support!

When your customers read your proposal, they will know that it was written only for them. Through customisation, we increase your chance of winning by developing a strong win strategy, maximising the evaluation score, and consistent sales messaging.

Our capabilities include market research, facilitating win strategy sessions, creating bid plans, compliance matrix, proposal outlines, technical writing, proposal management, concept graphics & document visualisation.

Strong technical writing capabilities

Solid technical content is the beating heart of any proposal. It is essential to map the technical requirements of the target agency and create the most efficient solution to fulfill them. To do this effectively, you need a partner who understands not only the dynamics of bidding in your industry but also has the sound technical expertise to build a solid core solution.

Our bid team has years of demonstrated experience in the field of technical and business content writing and is well-versed with government and commercial RFPs nuances. They can help you write creative bids that capture the requirements and perfectly meet the needs of your clients and help you win! We can make sure that your proposal never lands in the ‘rejected pile’ for reasons of ‘non-compliance’ or ‘lack of clarity.

Value Proposition and Win Themes

Our bid team will work closely with you to understand your key value proposition and come up with Win Themes. The proposal response would then be tailored to highlight these themes and help you win.

With our concept of Pain, Proposition, and Proof, we design win-themes that clearly articulate your value proposition throughout the proposal. Your next proposal will not be a skeleton of heavily loaded content, but full of the key messages you want to communicate.

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