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In-depth Understanding

We initiate with a thorough exploration of your business, industry, and goals, gathering valuable insights to inform our proposal. Through comprehensive research and detailed discussions, we aim to grasp the intricacies of your challenges and aspirations, ensuring that our proposal reflects a deep understanding of your unique context.

Tailored Solutions

Our proposals are meticulously customized to address your specific needs and objectives, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. By leveraging our expertise and creativity, we develop strategies and recommendations tailored to your business requirements, incorporating a strong value proposition and a winning theme.

Research Driven Insights

Our proposals are founded on thorough research, encompassing competitive analysis, incumbent analysis, industry analysis, and a deep understanding of the client's challenges and background. This comprehensive approach allows us to develop strategies that are highly relevant and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring practical and effective solutions.

Data Driven Insights

Backed by comprehensive data analysis, our proposals are grounded in evidence and optimized for maximum efficiency and impact. We harness the power of data to uncover actionable insights, identify opportunities for improvement, and drive informed decision-making, ensuring that our proposals are not just theoretical but practical solutions that deliver measurable results.

Our Customers Love what we do

I've been truly impressed by Worxwide's dedication and expertise in collaborating with us on the safety management platform. The way they have seamlessly integrated into our team and grasped the intricacies of our Safety Management Platform is commendable. Their commitment to understanding our unique needs and actively participating in the development of modules such as 'safety leads', 'contractor safety management', and 'incident investigation' has been a key factor in the success of this venture.

Client Partner, Steel Manufacturing Giant

The team lead by Vivek is a great value add to us. Design thinking knowledge of team and Vivek’s leadership skills are invaluable in building our rural fintech ecosystem. Thank you for all your extra efforts over the nights and weekends you spent.

CTO - Leader in Fintech

Experience of the resources in design thinking and design has been phenomenal and openness and collaboration being great. We never feel that we are working with a partner, and it has always been like they are an extended part of our team.

Chief Digital Officer, Fintech Leader Enterprise

Worxwide team has shown exemplary skills of UX & professionalism. They have helped us re-design a B2B GRC platform which was not intuitive enough. The team has really good UX experts who have helped us in navigating through our product journey.

Digital Director - B2B Products

Proposal Writing and Bid Management

Bid Writing
Our team of seasoned professionals adeptly crafts comprehensive bid documents, using industry-specific terminology, persuasive language, and precise technical specifications to effectively communicate our value proposition and meet client requirements.
Bid Management
Employing project management frameworks and collaborative software, we streamline the bid process, ensuring meticulous coordination of tasks, deadlines, and resources to optimize efficiency and maximize bid success rates.
Bid Graphics
Utilizing the latest trends in graphic design visualization techniques, we create visually compelling graphics and illustrations that enhance the clarity, impact, and professionalism of our proposals, effectively conveying complex concepts and data.
Technology Solution
Our technology solution capability focuses on developing technical solutions tailored to meet client-specific needs. By integrating advanced technologies and industry best practices, we ensure our solutions are efficient, secure, and aligned with current industry standards, providing a solid foundation for successful project outcomes.

Worried that your proposals look too generic? Look no further… we are here to help you with end-to-end proposal support!

When your customers read your proposal, they will know that it was written only for them. Through customisation, we increase your chance of winning by developing a strong win strategy, maximising the evaluation score, and consistent sales messaging.

Our capabilities include market research, facilitating win strategy sessions, creating bid plans, compliance matrix, proposal outlines, technical writing, proposal management, concept graphics & document visualisation.

Strong technical writing capabilities

Solid technical content is the beating heart of any proposal. It is essential to map the technical requirements of the target agency and create the most efficient solution to fulfill them. To do this effectively, you need a partner who understands not only the dynamics of bidding in your industry but also has the sound technical expertise to build a solid core solution.

Our bid team has years of demonstrated experience in the field of technical and business content writing and is well-versed with government and commercial RFPs nuances. They can help you write creative bids that capture the requirements and perfectly meet the needs of your clients and help you win! We can make sure that your proposal never lands in the ‘rejected pile’ for reasons of ‘non-compliance’ or ‘lack of clarity.

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