The Client

A mid-size IT firm providing Oracle implementation services in the US

The Problem

Limited bandwidth to cater to volume of proposals and unstructured bid process resulted in increased cost & diminishing win rate.


Redefining the Problem

The client had only two members in their proposals team and technical team. The challenge was two-fold; one was increasing volume of proposals and second the un-structured process.
The proposal process lacked of a bid plan, go-no-go analysis, story-building, and visual impact of proposals. The proposals did not stand out from the pack and wow the prospects as they were not a customized, persuasive RFP response.

The Solution

Revamp the entire process, brought technical SMEs to add value in solutioning, took more control to save their time and improve the win rate.

How did we solve it?

  1. Team Setup and knowledge transition: Took transition of the client capabilities in one week and setup a team of 2 Proposal Writers, 1 Proposal Manager, 0.5 Technology SME and 1 Graphic Designer.

  2. Process Re-structuring: Streamlined the process how the team would selectively bid upon high Win RFPs only. Created process templates like pipeline tracking, go-no analysis, compliance matrix, proposal outlines etc.

  3. Strong Insights: Our team built strong insights on the ground for end client and its competitors. We had collated sector-based insights what end client needs, what is their current infrastructure and process, who are the incumbents and its strengths and weakness.

  4. Creative writing and win strategies: Team of proposal writers and managers put together compelling solution content and ensured compliance against the RFPs. Our Proposal Managers drafted unique win-themes to sprinkle in the proposals, that helped the client stand-out. Not just content, concept graphics helped the client in articulating value proposition very well.

Our Work
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Win Rate

PWin rate improved up to 30% in just 4 months as we
Streamlined process & managed multiple sub-contractors effectively

Cost Savings

Reduced 25% cost by selective bidding after due diligence of each RFP through new process

Time Savings

Saved leadership time as we took full control on proposals.

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