The Client

The client is an Insurtech company developing an insurance ecosystem with an insurance vault and claim assistance along with documentation to empower people with knowledge about their insurance and maximize their insurance benefits. Their goal is to eliminate biased insurance agents and enhance the overall customer experience.

The Problem

How do we increase users benefits in the insurance ecosystem through an interactive insurance vault?


Redefining the Problem

  • Long documentation with jargons that is not comprehensive to average users.
  • Difficult processes to claim insurance.
  • Time consuming processing due to missed documentation.
  • Missed renewal dates since the traditional methods are highly non-interactive.
  • Biased insurance agents might only want to gain a new customer.
  • Users have gaps in knowledge regarding their insurances.

The Solution

Creating a mobile app to simplify user journeys and deliver easily accessible insurance-related information within the insurance-vault.

How did we solve it?

  • We streamline the user experience and make insurance-related resources easily available.
  • Comprehensive information easily available for users from each demography.
  • Interactive notification system reminding users for insurance renewal dates along with vehicle services and health check-ups.
  • Recommending users insurance that covers their requirements and lifestyles.
  • Simplified readability and increased accessibility of insurance documents.

Our Process

We use the Double Diamond structure to empathise with stakeholders and their problems and explore creative ways to solve their problems. The agile methods gives the future proof results.

Primary Research

The Research was conducted through interviews:
We conducted interviews of Business stakeholders along with users.

Card sorting activities with users helped in designing the Information Architecture.

Business Stakeholder Interview insights–

  • Better user journey with self discovery and prompts
  • Ensure user’s privacy
  • Easy management and visually appealing

User Interviews insights–

  • Smart reminders for renewals
  • One place to keep documents and take action regarding the same
  • Easy access knowledge to their insurances

User Interviews

User Interviews

Mapping and Designing

Our Work

Insurance Utilisation

Approximately 65% of all trial users signed up on the platform after getting easy to understand insurance terms at one place.

Ecosystem Effect

The app provides an insurance ecosystem which is intuitive to navigate and apply for claims and renewal in 1 step processess.

Better Interaction

Nearly 50% of test users found the design highly interactive after redesign. Additionally, they could navigate the entire app without getting confused.

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