The Client

A mid-size firm into B2B IT services for the government and enterprises.The client deals into healthcare services and products, having branches across the United States. The client has a 4 member presales team who used to write and manage proposals, however, they did not have a dedicated design team or a video production team.

The Problem

A multi-million dollar proposal had to be presented in a unique way.


Redefining the Problem

A large competitive RFP was being responded to a multi national firm in the US. Since it was a 100 pager proposal, it was getting difficult to make it more readable and presentable.

The senior executives wanted to articulate the value proposition and key sales messages in a unique way that stands-out. The fear of losing key differentiators and messages in the long proposal led to the idea of a video proposal in addition to a detailed pdf proposal.

The Solution

An explainer video in a human way and making it intuitive for the viewer.


How did we solve it?

  1. Script Writing: Interviewed senior executives to understand the key solution and sales messages. Engaged business analyst and tech writers to write a concise story that articulates the proposal in summary.
  2. Process Setup: Design team storyboard the proposal into different sections of the proposal so that end client can navigate across sections like scope, pricing, schedule etc. A time-based menu button was provided for easy navigation of video section.
  3. Video Production: After review and approval of content, we developed an explainer video that articulates the proposal sections in a human way.





Our Work
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Immersive Storytelling

Interactive proposal wowed the end client with its presentation and content structure

Improved attention to Detail

End client was able to grab key messages in less than 5 minutes

Better Understanding of Solution

Solution explained than reading made it more compelling and understandable

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