The Client

World’s largest steel manufacturer with plants across India, Europe and South-East with 65000+ people.

The client has humongous digital landscape of 250+ apps for internal and external stakeholders. These apps cater to HR functions, safety management, procurement, seller and marketing portals, and corporate functions.

The Problem

How to manage High Cognitive load, High operational dependency, Lack of cohesiveness and High Customer acquisition cost?


Redefining the Problem

  1. Conduct customer behavioural analysis to map platforms to consumers’ buying journey
  2. Implement a cross-functional design system to bring cohesiveness among all interactions online
  3. Enable data driven personalisation to digital buying for current customers along with recommendations
  4. Redesign and revamp legacy platform designs and perform usability tests insuring better CX
  5. Ideate Immersive solutions like gamification, virtual reality, AI based bots to enable quick commerce.

The Solution

Setup a global experience center to continually Audit-> Ideate-> Innovate –> Implement with increased speed to market


Key Features

Text and Voice based command search for employees
All apps at one place with purpose-based search rather than app based
Merchant seller platforms made intuitive, self run and interactive dashboards
Immersive Experience: Smart bots and VR based experience for in-store like experience virtually
Hyper Personalization: Data driven hyper personalization for AI based cross-selling and upselling based on the customer buying behavior
Our Work
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Higher gains

Approximately 25% of all trial users signed up on the platform after interacting with the easy-to-use free dashboard.

More engagement

New Interface is super friendly for students to understand and get started on learning sessions.

Higher retention

Nearly 60% of existing students & parents started using the application daily to customize learning, track progress, and get career guidance.

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