The Client

The client is one of the world’s leading steel producers, with a rich legacy of over a century with presence in over 50 countries. The client has humongous digital landscape of 250+ internal and external apps for hundreds of internal and external stakeholders across
all the platforms.

The Problem

How might we improve employee experience that currently lacks productivity and engagement?


Redefining the Problem

  • There were 250+ apps scattered all across which was very cumbersome to find any app
  • There was no ease of access to the applications for the user.
  • Information was not unified due to data present in multiple applications.

The Solution

Unification of all 250+ apps into one single platform that is hyper-personalized, data driven and immersive for employees

How did we solve it?

  • A common access portal for all applications so that the user could switch apps in one click
  • An announcement section for the admin for unified communications
  • We designed a case specific digital notes and task creator
  • Sections such as mails and approvals were also added

Key Features

Improved Interactions

Text and Voice based command search for employees

Unified Platform

All apps at one place with purpose-based search rather than app based

Improved Engagement

Users can participate in strategy games.

Hyper personalisation

Personalized content as per user personas and more control to users to customize screens.

Our Work
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Unified access to apps

All applications are now being accessed by a single portal

Productivity Tools

Integration of productivity tools like calendar digital notes and task creator


Personalised experience for the user for better efficiency.


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