The Client

This is an in-house product designed and developed by Worxwide. It is aimed at the new workplace. It is an excellent tool for the current flexible workspace.

The Problem

How do we reduce distances among people and foster productivity?


Redefining the Problem

Changes in how we work has brought its own set of new challenges for both employees and employers.

  • Lack of collaboration: Employees feel like they are working in isolation
  • Loss of productivity: Businesses find managing employees more complex
  • Reduced engagement: There is a lack of emotional connection and social engagement between employees
  • Compromised wellness: With remote working, the work-life balance has taken a hit, and it really compromises wellness. 

The Solution

Designed an in-office experience with end-to-end employee and product management for more humane experience.

How did we solve it?

We followed agile design thinking process –learn, implement, test and repeat. We setup an audience of 30 users mix of employees & managers to use each feature and pass on the feedback in sprints.


In the initial stages project, we wanted to answer basic questions about the product feasibility and need. Our goals were to redefine and refine our problem statement based on the research results. We set out to identify the current challenges people were facing both employees and employers and identify the opportunity spaces in this area. Starting off with a simple survey to identify the present user behaviours and their pain points.

  1. What can we do to reduce the social gap in remote workplaces?
  2. Do employees and employers need the office gap reduced?
  3. Are employers ready to move fully to offices?
  • What can we do to reduce the social gap in remote workplaces?
  • Do employees and employers need the office gap reduced?
  • Are employers ready to move fully to offices?

Remotely: providing virtual office, meeting room, tap and talk

Primary Research (Survey)

Identified 65 enterprise users to interview and ask for surveys- mix of employees, managers and management.







Concluded a clear need of emotional connect & productivity with a balanced work life.





Secondary Research

BCG (Source) report suggests need for more productivity working remotely and need more social connect




Identifying whitespace opportunities

Competitive heat map to draw a white-space opportunity and improve our product strategy accordingly.


Empathizing with users through an Ice Breaking Session: Users had to tell their emotions visually on below question:

Creating Mental model through card Sortingexercise to organise information, features and content

Usability Testing

After launching the beta version of Remotely, we did usability testing to identify the usability issues. 50+ B2B users used Remotely and provided their experience through a survey. Along with that 5 Organisations, with 30 users each shared their feedback as well.


Remotely is constantly evolving based on the user feedback that we recieve. Overall users reported positive user experience. The following points were most impactful as per users:

  • Intuitive Design – Simple information structure, seamless content placement, and user workflow makes it intuitive.
  • Deep personalization – Tailored experience for users and flexibility to adjust its feature adds to experience.
  • Enhanced Usability – From 2 step onboarding, to auto log-in to quick task management features make it high efficient.
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