The client

A global steel manufacturer, with a steel production capacity of approximately 27.5 million tonnes per annum (MnTPA) as of March 31, 2017. The company is a diversified steel producer with major operations in India, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It has manufacturing units in 26 countries and a commercial presence in over 50 countries. They offer hot and cold rolled coils and sheets, galvanized sheets, tubes, wire rods, construction rebars, and bearings. A digital solution platform serves as the selling arm of the steel manufacturer, providing a marketplace for ECAs and distributors to buy and sell steel.

The problem

How do we enable a seamless, cohesive & intuitive structure for an omni-channel experience across platforms? How easy, usable or effective it is for customers to interact on offline vs online buying channels including website, chat bots, call center and offer the same commerce and brand experience?

The solution

Setup a global experience center to continually Audit-> Ideate-> Innovate –> Implement with increased speed to market and focus on UX levers like Intuitiveness, Personalization, Usability, Accessibility, Navigation and Interactivity with special emphasis on Employee Experience, Sales & Marketing Experience and Safety & Procurement Experience.

Our work in action

Increased speed to market

Created re-usable development component repository to speed digital efforts across organization’s digital inventory.

Enhanced hyper personalization

AI-driven hyper-personalization for cross-selling, upselling based on customer behavior, and personalized experience, using user personas.

Reduced operational dependency 

AI chatbots, VR-based experience make platforms intuitive; enabling more independent customer purchases, reducing operational burden.

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