The Client

The client is a global digital transformation solutions provider operating in more than 20 countries. They provide FinTech, RegTech, and CleanTech solutions to global banking and financial markets.

The Problem

How might we reduce non-compliances digitally which is currently a tedious and time-consuming task for business users?


Redefining the Problem

  1. Need an easy-to-understand interface, with minimal learning curve
  2. Need more user control over the tool, high-level customization of task flows and features
  3. The interface lacks user interactions, motions, colors, etc.
  4. Task flows are lengthy and time-consuming
  5. Need personalized dashboards that stand out. Users want to see numbers as the first thing when they login.

The Solution 

Reduced cognitive load, personalized content and interactive dashboards for faster decision making on compliances and reporting

How Did We Solve It?

  • Deeply empathized with the business users and drew friction points in their journey map.
  • Redesigned the platform in user-centric manner by intuitively defining user-flows while practicing agile design thinking methodology.
  • Conducted several stakeholder interviews, which included card sorting, feature listing and ideas.
  • Redesigned the platform by inculcating features based on user feedback.

Our Process

Key Themes Identified for Improvement

Through heuristics evaluations and mapping, we were able to identify the key issues with the portal:


The present platform lacks intuitiveness in terms of navigation, user-flow, familiarity and the user specific dashboard.


The present platform lacks personalization in terms of navigation, user-flow, filters and the user specific dashboard.

Holistic View

The present platform lacks a holistic view. There is a
need for an overall dashboard for showcasing a comprehensive and holistic view of the organization’s compliance status.

Time to Task Length

The user-flow and navigation of the present platform resonates with the real world but it creates repetition by adding the same data in numerous text fields multiple times, leading to excessive cognitive load.

Interactiveness and Aesthetics

The present platform lacks interactiveness and aesthetics in terms of navigation, grids, dashboards
and interface.

UX Research & Mapping

The Research was conducted through Business-leader and End-user interviews:
  • One- to-one discussions were conducted to understand isolated issues, heavily based on the business perspective
  • A series of open-ended questions were asked of the interviewees
  • Questions were framed around how do they use the GRC tool in their daily work life
Competitive Analysis
Design System Comparison
UX Benchmarking 
User Persona 
MoSCoW Analysis 
Information Architecture
Our Work
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Seamless Experience

Reduced the no. of steps by 66.7% (from 3 steps to 1 to record an incident), making the portal highly intuitive.


New interface reduced the 2/3rd time to take action on incidents, i.e., from 15 mins to 5 mins.

Faster Decision-making

Users are presented with customized dashboards tailored to their roles and specific needs enabling faster decision-making.

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