The Client

The client is one of the world’s leading steel producers, with a rich legacy of over a century with presence in over 50 countries. The safety management portal is a robust and detailed system ensuring the highest level of safety standards for their employees and operations.

The Problem

Recording and reviewing safety incidents is a time consuming process and involves high learning curve


Redefining the Problem

  • The user lacked motivation to complete tasks as the long, manual workflows did not provide clear guidance on ongoing tasks within the portal.
  • MIS has missing data when there is an action pending for the user due to lack of notifications
  • Long scrolls on forms increases the cognitive load on user.
  • User was not getting useful insights within the system.
  • The portal was not optimised for different devices.

The Solution

Reduce cognitive load to increase accessibility for users through intutive work-flows.

How did we solve it?

  • Revamped the navigation of portal which reduced learning curve.
  • Broke down the work-flows in smaller tasks reducing cognitive load on user.
  • Rounded the information flow through the portal using modern generative AI tools.
  • Easily accessible information and insights for users to help in decision making.
  • Responsive design for different screen sizes.

Our Process

We use the agile work process to design and develop the web portal. Breaking entire portal into modules and sub-modules to reverse engineer the easy to navigate web portal.

Project Spotlight

Target Audience

Primary User Research

The Research was conducted through three modes:

  1. Focus Groups– With a sample size of 30 participants, we conducted focus group discussions. These participants came from a diverse demography, all of them are The clients’ Employees.
  2. Recall Activities- A series of snapshots from the portal were presented to understand familiar user friendly restrictions while re-designing the portal.
  3. Behaviour Analysis- Gentle nudges were provided to the users while discussions and interviews to motivate them to self-initiate screen-sharing and perform simple tasks.

Behavioural Analysis

  • Gentle nudges were provided to the users while discussions and interviews to motivate them to self-initiate screen-sharing and perform simple tasks on the portal.
  • We found that users are not intuitively interacting with the portal.
  • Long processes to perform tasks creates a hinderance to use the portal.
  • We redefined the work-flow
Our Work
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Easy Access

Reduced no. of steps by 70% (from 10 steps to 3 to record an incident) making the portal highly intuitive


New interface reduced time to take action on incidents (record & review) has reduced by 25% i.e. from 10 mins to 2 mins

Faster decision making

New UX provides personalized dashboards with deeper safety insights to make faster decisions

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