The Client

The client is a entertainment Company in India who are creating a discovery social network platform that helps user discover content across platforms, rewards them for their interactions and celebrate the best of cinema.

The Problem

How might we transform an OTT discovery platform into a user-driven platform?

Redefining the Problem

User onboarding and retention rates were a major setback coming from a lack of user motivation and usability issues.

  1. It was impossible to make friends and watch movies together
  2. Search does not help in finding relevant content
  3. Motivaiton was low while using the platform
  4. The platform is slow and less responsive

The Solution

Ideated a solution that drives user traffic and engagement via seamless discovery of content, discussions of reviews , and deals as reward programs.

How did we solve it?

Redesigned the website in user-centric manner. Intuitive definition of user-flows while practicing agile design thinking methodology. The team held several workshops, which included card sorting, feature listing and ideas. A prototype was created, and user testing was conducted to improvise by taking user feedback.

Our Process

We use the Double Diamond structure to understand customers and their problems and explore creative and innovative ways to solve their problems and delight them.

Product Pre-heuristics

The usability issues were highlighted through a 35 min walkthrough session of a first time user, who found difficulty in understanding and navigating the product, To identify why these issues arose, the team had to do a pre-heuristic analyisis.

  1. Actionable elements like buttons and visuals were unclear which reduced discoverability.
  2. Reduced attention to task flows led to hindered visbility of system status.
  3. The Product, Logo and Hues did not align to the actualized brand perception.

Product Vision

Through stakeholder meetings we were able to identify our new product vision into 3 categories. A community led platform that focuses on Discovery, Discussions and Deals.

The app would allow the users to get familiarize with their own content discovery and track how their journey has involved within the platform

The users will also be able to see the featured reviews and reels centered around trending content. The engagement with other users whose content and activity is featured.

The users will be able to get the most out of the platform and get rewarded for his experience through various deals and be able to access history.

Mapping and Designing

Competitive Analysis
User Persona
MoSCoW Analysis
Card Sorting
Our Work

Higher conversion

Approximately 25% of all new users signed up on the platform after finding the content and deals irresistible.

More engagement

New Interface is super friendly for users to understand and interact with the community and the content.

Higher retention

Nearly 60% of existing users started using the application daily to discover content, be a part of discussions and enjoy deals!

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