Our Story, Worxwide Consulting

Our Story

Founded with the idea of helping companies in bids/tenders/RFPs with end to end proposal support to save their time and help them win more. Gradually, we evolved ourselves as a growth consulting firm, where support is not limited to bids/proposals but also to other levers of growth. Eventually, we turned into a digital growth consulting firm to prepare businesses win more through digital innovation across proposals, products, and productivity.


To prepare businesses for the next decade.


Enable businesses fuel growth and foster productivity through digital solutions and new age thinking.

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Our Journey


Amid growing uncertainty in the market, reimagining the world to help clients in controlling cost through sales automation while innovating further to sustain, revive, and grow.


Realized the need for integrated sales support, looking beyond bids; that led to the birth of Growth Consulting services, which can bring our client’s sales to full potential, including developing go-to-market strategies, thought leadership, digital sales transformation, and product innovation.


Started re-inventing the wheel in the proposal world and started helping clients in digital proposals, which included video proposals, customer journey walkthroughs that help them stand out.


Successfully expanded our global footprint with satisfied clients across the US and UK markets, executing over 100+ proposals achieving a 60% customer retention rate.


Since our inception, we embarked upon a journey to help our clients transform their bid process from paper proposals to digital, from the mindset of “bid-to-submit” to “bid to win” and from boilerplates to tailored client-focused content.