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Years in growth consulting
UX and CX engagements delivered.
20,000 Hours
Design hours delivered.
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CSAT score achieved in all engagements.

Designing user experience and customer experience

Unveil new revenue streams
Worxwide helps customers expand existing products or land into new offerings. We perform deep market research, identify pain points, map competitors, perform market sizing, identify white-space opportunities and build a business case to enter into new products or services that fit our clients' strategic intent.
Increase conversion rates
Worxwide helps in strategizing for more user conversions by streamlining the customer journey, making it easier and more intuitive for users to complete their desired actions for purchases or signups. This includes persuasive messaging and reducing friction points that lead to higher conversion rates and ultimately drive revenue growth.
Retain more customers
Worxwide helps customers identify and address pain points in the customer journey and reduce abandon rates or churn. This is particularly important in subscription-based models or industries with high customer turnover.
Upsell or cross-sell better
Designing basis users’ behavior and strategically designing platforms’ action helps upsell and cross-sell. At Worxwide, our team helps design intuitive navigation that helps users easily find relevant products. Utilizing contextual messaging and user behavior analysis, we implement personalized product recommendations or upsell suggestions based on the user's preferences and browsing history.
Reduce Operational Dependency
Worxwide helps design intuitive platforms that reduce dependency on operational teams like customer care support. By designing efficient and user-friendly systems for employees, businesses can improve productivity, reduce errors, and increase profitability.
Reduce Customer Acquistion Cost
We unlock new behaviors of different user personas , reduce friction points, motivate users to onboard , streamline the conversion process by minimizing the number of steps and form fields required to complete an action helping reducing the customer acquisition cost.
How we helped a 80,000+ people steel manufacturer generate more business through UX and CX transformation
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What do
we design?

Worxwide designs Products, Productivity and Processes that help drive growth for organizations.
Product Design

How can we improve product market share through behavioral design and visual differentiation?

We will work with you on ideating together and improving usability, usefulness, and accessibility.

Productivity Design

How can we improve overall productivity through employee experience and digital ecosystem?

We audit your existing functions across HR, Operations, Sales and Marketing to identify productivity leaks (for ex: license cost, process fixes, non-billable overheads, operational overheads etc.) and design a strategy that helps optimize productivity at an organizational level.

Process Design

How can we design a specific process that is seamless, intuitive and time-saving?

We help identify the friction points in processes and setup workshops to cut the clutter and reduce time to task by simplifying the number of steps.

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Behavioral Economics Design

How users make buying decisions on digital platforms and how it can be influenced?
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Worxwide is a digital growth consulting firm that helps companies drive digital growth by improving user and customer experience. We help companies with end-to-end product design or UX design services that include research, strategy, design, and test product designs and prototypes.

We specialize in user research services like behavioral design that includes contextual inquiry, cognitive walkthroughs, and other methods to identify users’ pain points, reduce cognitive load, and reduce the friction points in the customer journey.

User Research

We conduct behavioral research methods to understand how users interact with products, interfaces, and environments. Specifically, behavioral economics research focuses on how users make buying decisions on platforms and identifies various cognitive biases that influence decision-making. Our team has been able to translate users’ insights into actions for many enterprise platforms, which led to an increase in product market share.

UX Strategy

Worxwide UX architects set up strategy workshops with stakeholders on the lines of design thinking principles to lay out an added information architecture, journey map, user personas, card sorting exercise, and more. Our team delivers GTM strategy, information strategy, layout strategy, content strategy, and visual strategy to get started on product designs or wireframes.

Interaction Design

Our UI designers visualize the user interface and create micro-interactions based on user needs and behaviours that cater to accessibility, navigation, error handling, motion, and emotional design. This includes visual hierarchy, color theory, typography, and iconography. With the rise of touchscreens and mobile devices, we also carefully craft gestures and touch interactions.

Usability Testing

Our UX experts conduct usability tests to analyze any usability issues or challenges that users may encounter and gather feedback to inform design improvements including task behaviours, interviews, A/B testing, click testing, and heap map analysis. Usability tests ensure that users are not stuck in the funnel, and we can reduce time to task by reducing friction points in the user journey.

How we helped a leading rural fintech firm in digitizing the payments penetration through deep user research & design
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Worxwide Consulting, your trusted partner in digital transformation services, offers strategic CX design services that drive measurable results. We help customers improve customer experience by designing delightful customer journeys and creating a cohesive omni-channel experience. We also help implement technologies and systems to automate and personalize customer interactions at various touch-points.

CX Strategy

Our CX experts help companies audit the existing processes (across sales, marketing, talent, and supply chain functions), create customer journey maps, identify friction points, analyze customer behaviors, understand technology barriers, analyze content structure for all digital assets and put together a to-be CX framework and strategy that is aligned to the future vision of yours and is cohesive across all channels and devices.

Worxwide team helps in designing strategy for loyalty or reward programs, customer service design, UX improvements of platforms and more.

Omnichannel CX

Customers interact with businesses not only through many channels but also on many devices. Rather than seeing each of these interactions as a separate experience, users view all interactions with an organization as part of one larger user experience. Thus, a company may think, of “multi-channel service,” but a customer thinks, of “one company, one experience.”

Worxwide helps you create a cohesive ecosystem of business channels and touchpoints where each not only provides its own unique benefits, but also complements, and seamlessly connects to the experience.

Customer Analytics

We leverage Data Analytics using Microsoft Power BI, Google Analytics and marketing platforms like MoEngage to unveil customer insights, click behavior, friction points, etc. By analyzing data, we influence the touch points through content strategy, digital interventions, and improving product experiences.

Immersive Experience

By combining our expertise in Metaverse design with our knowledge of CX strategy, we create experiences that are not only visually stunning but also highly effective at driving customer engagement and loyalty. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical objects or processes, and they can provide a wealth of benefits for businesses. We specialize in enabling digital twins by creating 3D model designs and data designs that accurately represent the physical object or process.

How we helped India’s aviation leader in personalizing pilot and employee experience
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CX Design with the help of world’s leading platforms.  

Worxwide is a Salesforce and AEM consultant with seasoned and certified consultants. AEM includes features to optimize content for search engines, helping to improve visibility and discoverability of content.

By leveraging Adobe Experience Manager, Worxwide helps our clients create compelling, personalized, and consistent customer experiences across all digital touchpoints. This, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and improved business outcomes. A few features include:

Content Management

Easy Content Authoring and Management and Multi-Channel Publishing of Content across channels

Personalisation and Targeting

Tailored and Dynamic Content Delivery that can be automatically adapted based on user behaviours

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management helps organize, store, and manage digital assets

Experience Fragments

Experience Fragments for the creation of reusable content

Usability Testing

A/B Testing and Optimization for A/B testing and optimization

Journey Maps

Visualize customer journey maps and heatmaps

Our clients’ words are a testament to our UX & CX services.

The team lead by Vivek is a great value add to us. Design thinking knowledge of team and Vivek’s leadership skills are invaluable in building our rural fintech ecosystem. Thank you for all your extra efforts over the nights and weekends you spent.

CTO - Leader in Fintech

Worxwide team has shown exemplary skills of UX & professionalism. They have helped us re-design a B2B GRC platform which was not intuitive enough. The team has really good UX experts who have helped us in navigating through our product journey.

Digital Director - B2B Products

Experience of the resources in design thinking and design has been phenomenal and openness and collaboration being great. We never feel that we are working with a partner, and it has always been like they are an extended part of our team.

Chief Digital Officer, Fintech Leader Enterprise

I've been truly impressed by Worxwide's dedication and expertise in collaborating with us on the safety management platform. The way they have seamlessly integrated into our team and grasped the intricacies of our Safety Management Platform is commendable. Their commitment to understanding our unique needs and actively participating in the development of modules such as 'safety leads', 'contractor safety management', and 'incident investigation' has been a key factor in the success of this venture.

Client Partner, Steel Manufacturing Giant
Our Experience design Solutions are Futuristic and Growth-led. 
Worxwide Consulting is at the forefront of product design companies, providing comprehensive solutions that bring your ideas to life and captivate your audience. Join forces with one of the top design agencies globally, as Worxwide Consulting brings its expertise across global locations in London, California, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Washington DC, and New York.

Our Work

Improved employee satisfaction and faciltated intutive UX for onboarding
20% increase in merchant business through user research and UX strategy
Designed UX for Insurance Ecosystem
Reduced drop-offs or churn by 10% and improved brokers onboarding journey with new CX strategy
CX Strategy and cohesive experience design across all digital platforms
Significantly reduced drop off rate identifying friction points in user journey
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