Customers interact with businesses not only through many channels but also on many devices. Rather than seeing each of these interactions as a separate experience, users view all interactions with an organization as part of one larger user experience. Thus, a company may think, of “multi-channel service,” but a customer thinks, of “one company, one user experience.”

Worxwide helps you create a cohesive ecosystem of business channels and touchpoints where each not only provides its own unique benefits, but also complements, and seamlessly connects to the experience as a whole.

Through detailed primary/secondary research and behavioral economics design principles we deliver consumer behavior profiles and customize the experiences for every persona and each channel.

We leverage Data Analytics using Power BI to unveil customer insights, click behavior, friction points, etc. By analyzing data, we influence the touch points through content strategy, digital interventions, and improving product experiences.

We also help develop working prototypes to bring requirements to life, to test and improve through customer research significant UX improvements to digital self-service customer journeys.

Our journey builder maps create a holistic view of customer experience, and it’s this process of bringing together and visualizing disparate data points that can engage otherwise disinterested stakeholders from across groups and spur collaborative conversation and change.

Source: NN Group


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