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New Thinking

We will bring to you some insightful perspectives that give you access to effective information on proposal trends and best practices. These blogs target the prevailing proposal needs, preferences and pain points companies face in developing inspiring proposals.


Principles to Consider While Intermixing EdTech Platforms With UX

Like the World Wide Web (or the Internet) has gone through several modifications since its inception, a similar paradigm shift has taken place in the world of Education. The evolution of Education can be traced to blackboards and chalks, moving to whiteboards and markers, and the recent shift to online teaching. Around 2010 and onwards,...

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How Does Better UX Facilitate FinTech Adoption?

FinTech in the Middle of Everything FinTech, also known as Financial Technology, is derived from a combination of two words, “Finance” and “Technology”. It refers to the type of tech that works towards automating and enhancing the use & delivery of financial services.    The financial sectors, including Banking, insurance, real estate, and investment funds, are...

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Bid Consulting

Bid Writing and 7 Important Guidelines to Remember

One fine summer morning Tom’s eyes were fixed on his computer screen. It read “Unfortunately, your proposal did not get selected.” Indeed, a painful moment for a business who understand the cost of a lost bid. Many bids fail and get rejected by clients, which can be discouraging for many writers. This is a challenge...

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Improve ux of website

How to turn your website into a marketing platform through better UX?

What is User Experience (UX)? ISO 9241-210 describes the ergonomics of human-system interaction. It defines user experience (UX) as an individual’s perceptions and responses resulting from using or the anticipated use of a service, system, or product. Why improve User Experience? Website is part of your Brand Identity in the digital space. It is your...

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5 Ways to Position Proactive Proposals Before an RFP, Worxwide Consulting

5 Ways to Position Proactive Proposals Before an RFP

An effective proactive proposal is neatly packed by the sales team with the support of proposal’s team experience and skillset. The combined effort aims at driving competitive advantage for organizations that invest in proactive proposals. A decade ago, Businesses focused on conventional tender processes and RFP. The time has changed as now businesses are involved...

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Digital Marketing

Top 5 Leading Practices in Digital Marketing to fuel pipeline faster

Pipeline is very important for every business. Read the blog to know top 5 digital marketing practices to follow to fuel your sales...

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Proposal Evaluation

The Top 5 Practices in Proposal Writing

“I Keep Six Honest Serving Men … Who taught me all I know Their names are Who, What, Why, Where, How, and When.” These six honest questions will allow your proposal to move from Compliant to Compelling proposal. If you have just started bidding for business service contracting, it can be an overwhelming process as...

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Top 5 Trends in Process Automation Leading to Digital Transformation, Worxwide Consulting

Top 5 Trends in Process Automation Leading to Digital Transformation

Digitization is evolving with the time user is spending in digital/virtual world. Now it is not restricted to limited tech companies working in the digital niche. Digital innovation as a process of evolution is touching every industry throughout the world irrespective of its niche. Digital innovation post-COVID-19 era has forced leaders and tech giants around...

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How To Use Plain English To Win More Business feature

How to Use Plain English in Proposal to Win More Business?

Write for the average reader A plain English document uses words economically and at a level the audience can understand. Its sentence structure is tight. Its tone is welcoming and direct. Its design is visually appealing. A plain English document is easy to read and looks like it’s meant to be read. Book a meeting with...

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Video Proposal

How To Use Video Proposals for Grabbing the Evaluator’s Attention?

With all the relevant details, a well-prepared and well-customized proposal can woo a client and help the company attain the project. A proposal is the first step in attracting the attention of a client. Therefore, a proposal often serves as a marketing tool. The company must utilize the opportunity to articulate its services in the...

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