Marketing automation helps you deepen and fasten your market outreach with personalized content and workflows. It saves significant time and delivers relevant content across email, web, and mobile channels.

Worxwide team has deep expertise in marketing processes and MarTech implementation using Salesforce and Hubspot. We can analyze your existing marketing process, and the performance of existing marketing channels to integrate everything in one place in the system and draw holistic insights basis the prospects’ intent.

We bring deep expertise in drawing customer journeys to understand the needs of the buyer and accordingly set up campaigns and workflows with personalized content and intent.

Marketing automation brings capabilities across the following areas to sharpen your prospect engagement:


Intent Marketing

Nurturing leads is the most important piece in a buyer’s journey. Understand the sales signals leveraging marketing analytics and accordingly engage them further on your campaigns to strengthen your intent marketing.

Account-Based Marketing

Build deeper relationships and turn your high-value target accounts into customers. Collaborative tools unite your sales and marketing teams.


Every prospect is different and unique. Set up custom landing pages, and tailored campaigns content basis their business. Customize and manage the algorithms powering your personalisation strategies with our marketer-friendly approach to AI.

Sales Analytics and Reporting

Get broad visibility into your process so you can forecast effectively and deliver exceptional results.

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