Bids are crucial for any business to win and reflect the capabilities of an organization. However, managing high volume, strategic deals in-house is a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive process. Even if you have a great solution to offer it your clients, it is imperative that you have the right people who understand it and can articulate it in a way that your target audience can fully comprehend. Partnering with a consulting firm like ours will help you bring fresh perspectives, subject matter expertise and an end to end proposal support – which makes you sit back and relax while we manage all your bid hassles.

Worxwide (formerly bids and beyond) helps companies with end-to-end proposal support in win strategy, proposal writing, competitive research, developing value proposition & sales messages, and visualising the entire proposal keeping the industry specific theme at the center.

Not just custom proposals, Worxwide helps customers in creating explainer video proposals to explain the value proposition of technical solutions in Healthcare using a controlled menu manner, also known as, digital proposals.

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