The Healthcare industry is driven by stringent compliance,  trust, and data regulations like GDPR and HIPAA Act. Healthcare players look for growth across health tech, medical research, telemedicine, and insurance areas.

Among all, HealthTech has the highest potential (proved over the years) and hence is the preferred target area for most B2B companies. Large and complex RFPs or bids to win opportunities for Health IT requires deep technical writing expertise, complex proposal management, and win strategies to stand out.

Worxwide helps healthcare companies with end-to-end proposal support in medical writing, competitive research, developing value proposition & sales messages, and visualising the entire proposal keeping the Healthcare theme at the center.

Not just custom proposals, Worxwide helps customers in creating explainer video proposals to explain the value proposition of technical solutions in Healthcare using a controlled menu manner, also known as, digital proposals.

We have supported large opportunities for human and health services, and other healthcare organizations across cloud computing, health analytics,  ACOs & IPAs, medical billing, claim management, Medicare health plans, electronic medical records, and much more.

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