The client

As a global leader in infrastructure development across industries, our client has played a pivotal role for over seven decades. They have shaped the growth of various sectors by providing reliable and efficient equipment for small, medium, and large-scale projects. Operating in a highly competitive market, our client’s R&D wing continually strives to innovate and manufacture products for both niche and broad market segments, making them pioneers in certain sectors they operate in.

The problem

One of the most respected companies in the Construction and Mining Equipment industry, Infrastructure Development. They had created a brand name based on the quality of their products. However, with time, competition caught up and began providing top-quality products, focusing a lot on engaging with their customers. While the company had brand equity, the personas of their customers were people who are more focused on the initial investment and visible monetary value. The critical challenge came when customers began leaning towards the competition for repeat business, with the competition increasing the level of engagement and, consequently, improving the customer experience at each stage of the customer journey.



The solution

We proposed a solution to address customer experience:


  • Online immersive commerce: Create online customer experience centers equipped with 3D models, digital twins, product explainer videos, virtual showrooms, customer testimonials, and engage with each customer to give them a realistic feel for the products even though they are not physically in front of the customer.


  • Offline experience centers: We helped them open new experience centers through technology, created digital playbooks, produced explainer videos with Augmented Reality, and offered Virtual Reality experiences. We worked with the company’s sales and marketing teams to provide a more customer-centric and product-centric approach, as compared to a more brand-focused approach. This enabled the client to engage more deeply with the customers in addressing the challenges associated with the products and increasing the ‘wow’ factor, which eventually translated into increased sales and increased customer lifetime value.

Our work in action

Customer Engagement

Increased customer engagement time with immersive content like digital twins.

Customer Acquisition Rate

Increased customer acquisition rate with better online and virtual experiences, combined with in-person relationship building.

Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

Increased effectiveness of the marketing channels with customer being more receptive to the messaging.

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