The client

A pioneering rural fintech company based in India, dedicated to financial inclusion and digital empowerment. Committed to bridging the gap in financial services, it offers innovative solutions leveraging cutting-edge technology. Revolutionizing banking, digital, and e-retail experiences, ensuring speed, transparency, and predictability. Through strategic partnerships and local insights, it fosters economic growth and prosperity, democratizing access to financial resources and opportunities.

The problem

The challenge lies in integrating Adhikari’s operations into our rural fintech company ecosystem effectively. Despite the potential benefits of digitization and digital tools, there’s a gap in achieving complete adoption. This affects business growth opportunities and revenue potential, reducing loyalty and engagement. Key issues include inadequate integration of digital assets, inefficient customer record management, and untapped sales data for cross-selling and up-selling. The goal is to optimize Adhikari’s performance within the ecosystem.

The solution

Creating a one-stop-shop ecosystem in the local language and making it an integral part of the rural merchants’ daily routine. Designing a mobile app and web presence to make a difference in the rural markets. The team followed a design thinking methodology and conducted several workshops, which involved card sorting, feature listing, and brainstorming sessions. A prototype was developed, and merchants were invited to provide their input during the sessions.

Our work in action

First in the Market product

Product serves rural needs by offering digital solutions for shop management, promotions, and finance, all on one platform.

Easier integration and quick to market

The design allowed for easy implementation either as a standalone product or as an add-on widget to their current suite.

More business & more retention

With Promotions, merchants see more inquiries, and deferred payments boost customer purchases

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