The client

The client is one of India’s major airline operating a fleet of both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft with a fleet consisting of Airbus A319, A320, A320neo, A321, A321neo, A350 as well as the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787, making for a total of 135 aircraft. Pilots and their experience form a key factor in the overall productivity, service quality and efficiency gains for the airline.

The problem

Since this was targeted at the pilot persona, we went in depth into a pilot journey. Pilots reported an increased level of fatigue and lack of planning assistance. The documentation was offline and accessing those records all the time was an issue. Supplementary services such as to and fro cab booking, pre-flight planning were all a bit cumbersome to manage with offline channels. There was also a lack of two way collaboration between the management and the pilots as email and modes made it more cumbersome.

The solution

Targeting the exact pain points and designing to address those specific issues and challenges during the customer journey, helped us greatly in enhancing the experience. We were able to provide better and improved channel of communication. Pre-flight planning also improved greatly as pilots were now able to receive, review, annotate and save flight plans. Pilots were also better able to better plan their schedules and upcoming holidays in co-ordination with the management. Services such as to and fro cab service, license expiry updates, weather, hotel info greatly supported the pilot in their journey.

Our work in action

Improved efficiency

Pilots could easily avail flight plan, weather reports, travel and lodging arrangements which led to improved efficiency.

Reduction in perceived fatigue among pilots

Overall fatigue scores among pilots saw a 15% reduction.

Better planning and optimization

Pre-flight plan review led to decrease in the total time required.

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