The client

Our client is one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers, with a rich legacy spanning over a century and a presence in over 50 countries. The safety management portal is a robust and detailed system ensuring the highest level of safety standards for their employees and operations. The enterprise portal, which is 12 years old, holds a complex structure of safety management processes and is used by employees working on the plant floor, in corporate offices, and in IT.

The problem

Redesigning the outdated and cluttered 12-year-old management system posed challenges. With a large number of users having different expectations, there was a high learning curve for new onboarded members. The cluttered navigation lacked recall value, resulting in users getting lost. The system was manual, with repeated tasks in similar categories and long, tedious forms for small tasks, offering no useful insights.

The solution

Refresh the look and feel of the portal. Redesign the information architecture with clear workflows. Divide the portal into RRR structuring, where each ‘R’ represents a module section with specific workflows. Modules are divided into Record, Respond, and Review buckets. Reduce cognitive load for users through intuitive workflows with high recall value. Divide long forms into steps for easier completion. Include insights and report pages in a hierarchical manner.

Our work in action

Easy Access

Reduced no. of steps by 70% (from 10 steps to 3 to record an incident) making the portal highly intuitive


New interface reduced time to take action on incidents (record & review) has reduced by 25% i.e. from 10 mins to 2 mins

Faster decision making

New UX provides personalized dashboards with deeper safety insights to make faster decisions

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