The client

Worx Squad is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline enterprise productivity and enhance employee engagement. It consolidates multiple functionalities under a single license, serving as a full operating system for small to mid-size businesses.  It also offers built-in analytics, consolidating data from various modules for a comprehensive view, benefiting decision-makers and modern enterprises.

The problem

Our client had been employing multiple platforms to handle their business processes, leading to a fragmented system and escalating costs for the organization. Primary requirements encompassed project management, collaboration, timesheet and leave management, employee engagement and others. They sought a unified solution to streamline operations and reduce overhead.

The solution

Our solution is a one-stop platform that brings all client requirements under one roof. Worx Squad addresses productivity, collaboration, engagement, and monitoring needs. Employees can manage projects, tasks, leaves, and timesheets while collaborating through calls and meetings. Managers can monitor projects, deadlines, and analyze employee data. Reminders and notification systems help keep stakeholders informed. We also provide functionality to conduct performance reviews and assign goals and KPIs. Employees can enhance their knowledge and skills through training and assignments on the platform. We provide a well-built platform that fulfills the needs of both employees and employers.

Our work in action

 Free Data Migration & Quick Setup

The setup process takes 1-3 hours for the whole platform and customization which includes free consulting and data migration.

Reduces Cost

Saves more than 40% operational cost per user with its single license for multiple tools.

Employee Engagement

Improves 25% engagement with Wall of Moments and Wall of Fame including rewards, kudos, project wins, birthdays & celebrations.

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