The client

As a global leader in infrastructure development across industries, our client has played a pivotal role for over seven decades. They have shaped the growth of various sectors by providing reliable and efficient equipment for small, medium, and large-scale projects. Operating in a highly competitive market, our client’s R&D wing continually strives to innovate and manufacture products for both niche and broad market segments, making them pioneers in certain sectors they operate in.

The problem

The company has been around for decades, and their products are the best in the industry, which are of a higher quality than competition, with the initial investment at a premium.. Competitors’ products are also good, with lesser initial investment, but in the long run prove more expensive as the product is less efficient than that of our client. The sales team finds it a challenge to – identify quality leads, and the also end up pursuing non-productive leads. One of the reasons is that the products need high capital investment, and therefore prospects conduct a lot of market research before purchase, which is why the – quality of leads is weak, and many leads may end up being unproductive.

The solution

We researched the current quality of leads, segmented each lead into buckets by lead source, segment (small, medium, large client), industry, and customer product, and identified the root cause of lead quality. After conducting workshops with client stakeholders across levels within the organization and conducting a detailed mystery shopping exercise, we arrived at a solution. We developed a 3-stage solution:


a) AI-based search, with an iterative loop, across the internet. With each loop refined with additional keywords and sources, helping the system gradually filter out qualified vs unqualified leads.


b) Apply digital marketing efforts to the target segment, and


c) A headhunting team validating the qualified leads further and then uploading them onto the sales CRM for the sales team.

Our work in action

Quality of leads

Increased the quality of leads by 20%

Volume of leads

More than 2x leads compared to current volume by the end of 8-12 months

Increased Sales Efficiency

Optimal usage of sales time.

Increased focused attention on qualified leads.

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