The client

The client is one of the world’s leading communications services companies. The solutions they sell are integral to modern life. Their purpose is as simple as it is ambitious: connect for good. There are no limits to what people can do when they connect. And as technology changes the world, connections are becoming even more important to everyday life. Today, that’s truer than ever. The connections they make are helping solve the world’s biggest challenges such as the global pandemic, climate change and cyber security. Through the power of technology, they’re supporting customers to live, work and play together better.

The problem

We played a pivotal role in the migration of the IT Help Portal from the purple instance to the rainbow instance on ServiceNow, focusing specifically on the design and user experience aspects of this transition. The project faced significant challenges due to time constraints, primarily stemming from the delayed involvement of the Design team in the migration process. This resulted in a limited timeframe for crucial design-related tasks, necessitating a delicate balance between UI and user experience considerations. The discoverability of content suffered from inefficiencies in navigation and the use of technical jargon. Overcoming resistance to change was a notable hurdle during the implementation of the new design, requiring careful strategies to ensure employee acceptance.

The solution

With meticulous focus on usability and functionality, we significantly boosted task success rates, thereby elevating user satisfaction and performance on the recently migrated platform. Our design efforts culminated in a dynamic and interactive user forum platform, prioritizing a user centric approach throughout the migration process. Consistency in design was upheld across the platform, aligning seamlessly with organizational design guidelines and standards. Through strategic refinement of navigation structures and optimization of user pathways, our enhancements aimed to enrich the overall user journey, ensuring a seamless transition and heightened user experience.

Our work in action

Increasing MTU by 22%

Making the user interface more intuitive with gamification to provide a facilitated experience and reduce cart abandonment, increased monthly transacting users by 22%

Increasing AOV by 14%

Making navigation easy for finding products, offers, bundles leading to 14% increased Average Order Value.

Reduced Time Task by 50%

Decreasing time taken to complete task by 50% from 31 mins to 16 mins to increase Average order frequency.

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